UFO: Military glasses expose Alien activities - They Live


Kim Carlsberg’s seeks to educate people about the UFO reality nightly by taking clients UFO SkyWatching with the highest grade military issue night vision equipment available. She lightheartedly refers to herself as "The UFO ArmChair Therapist Under The Stars." as she acknowledges that most people who book a UFO SkyWatching tour with her in Sedona, Arizona, night have already had a profound sighting or ET experience and are looking for validation from someone in the know.

You can see Ms. Carlsberg [video clip of an interview] discuss her UFO tours at an upcoming UFO conference in San Francisco that is being help 15 and 16 September 2012 in Santa Clara, California.

Ms. Carlsberg is an alien abductee and author of the new book The Art of Close Encounters alleges that UFO activities can be more easily seen using military issue night vision glasses.

A graduate of the “Art Center College of Design” Pasadena, CA in commercial photography, Mr. Carlsberg’s career as an advertising and portrait photographer has covered all aspects of the entertainment and music industries. She has been commissioned to photograph the most noted celebrities in private sittings, from rock stars to presidents. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide including Rolling Stone, TV Guide and Time.

In the film They Live (1988) [video clips] John Carpenter explored the idea of glasses being uses to show regressive activities (referred to ancient Pagan Gnostics at the archons) which undermined human sovereignty.  Dr. Michael Salla suggests that some science fiction films "hide truth in plain sight".  Is They Live such film?

The late John Todd once suggests that operatives of archons on Earth are able to incite apparent UFOs to appear in the sky. However, such UFOs are not spacecraft, but instead are demonic interdimensional entities.

More information: http://www.examiner.com/article/ufo-military-glasses-expose-extraterrestrial-activities-they-live?cid=db_articles

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