Global Warming reflects alien script, humanity’s violation


It is apparent that Global Warming manifests the inability of we, as humans to collectively act as stewards for our planet Earth. The official explanation for the reject of mechanisms like Kyoto that would have affirmed our human existential stewardship over our planet is that such protection mechanism would result in the “losses of jobs“, and financially cost polluting industrial interests in a manner that would “undermine economic growth”. However, ancient Pagan Gnostics suggest that the substantive reason for the frustration of Kyoto’s acceptance that would have helped save our planet is that elites seek to carry onto fulfill the Global Warming’s role in foretold religious prophecy in an “End of Times” scenario. This History Channel [video below] documents evidence of an elite orchestrated Weather War through presumably alien technology used to intentional produce the effect of Global Warming, as some “environmentalists” blame ‘Greenhouse Gas‘.

Pagan Gnostic further elaborate that the “End of Times” scenario documented in organized religious text like the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible is a product of regressive alien incursion into our human time-space, through religious and other Archons.

Alex Collier claims from his contact with Human Ethical Extraterrestrials that apparent human elites on Earth have been so much assimilated into the hive mind of “Archons” that Ethical Extraterrestrials views such elites to be essentially biological extensions of alien “mind parasities”.

In his ‘Interdimensional Hypothesis‘, Jacques Vallée suggests that regressive aliens are from other "realities" or "dimensions" that coexist separately alongside our own, and they constitute a prime challenge to human sovereignty. John Carpenter in the science fiction film “They Live” (1988) [above video] suggested that aliens through Global Warming as seeking to fool humans into import the “Hell” of the Archons onto our planet Earth, that would destabilize our planet Earth, and enable us as humans to further slip into a lower dimensional reality, which enables Archontic parasitizing.

By accepting the apparent false reality complex of a so-called “global economy” that is somehow dependent of environmental destruction, we have apparently bought into an alien script that was foretold in regressive alien religions. This reported false reality complex is further elaborated by Laura Magdelene Eisenhower. It is apparent that much of organized religion on our planet functions as a counterfeit spirituality that is designed to turn ourselves into irrational beings that would buy into the idea that supporting Kyoto was not in humanity’s interests.

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