UFO and aliens: U.S. Presidential Election ignores Open Government


In the fanfare of the current U.S. Presidential Election, most Americans seem to ignore what is arguably the most important election issue. That is, the idea of open government. It is apparent that at least 99% of Americans don’t know at least 99% of what is really going on. Based upon Dr. Michael Salla’s and other exopolitics researchers, it appears that the same group that is seeking to conceal UFO phenomenon, also seeks to use that lack of access to information, to maintain ignorance and reportedly manipulate the population.

Open government is a vital facet of a substantive participatory democracy. Without open government, elites can pursue a corrupt agenda without any scrutiny from electors. Open government would enable the American people to be critically informed about what is actually going on in their society at all levels, and that would then enable these electors to make an informed and critical decision on areas which include choosing the best Presidential candidate. However, the profound lack of open government in America in relation to the concealment of UFO activities may be the “ground zero” of any and all public policy issues and problems in the United States.

Perhaps no other issue demonstrates the consequence to the American electorate of the lack of open government in the United States than the “UFO issue”, if Dr. Michael Salla’s “Typology of Extraterrestrials” has any foundation of truth. In 1976, the fact that then President Jimmy Carter could apparently not access documents on UFO and aliens, shows that unelected ‘Archons‘, and not electors through elected officials control America.

This historically documented denial to Jimmy Carter to the information does not appear to be an isolated incident. Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy reported desire to release information of UFO and aliens was allegedly thwarted by the same interests which sought to deny information access to Jimmy Carter and others.

Dr. Salla’s “Typology” suggests that the same interests who frustrate free and open access to knowledge about “UFO phenomenon” also own the corporate mass media (electronic, TV, radio, and print) and the financial institutions, and thus control formal and informal education. Dr. Salla appears to suggest that American society’s perilous course is under the auspices of “UFO concealing” Archons, who subvert the sovereignty of the American people, to make informed decisions from having access to open government. Dr. Salla suggests that the Archons use technology and back-room manipulations that have manifested in perpetuated planetary crises.

The result of Archons controlling American society was manifested in the last U.S. Presidential Debate. This whole debate seemed to be all about which candidate could put on the best act, and present the most convincing slogans targeting respective demographic groups. That is because the Archons who control access to UFO information, apparently want to keep Americans ignorant of the 99% of activities in America which are decided among millionaires like the two major U.S. Presidential candidates. The Archons then use their control of the U.S. media to limit the kinds of questions that Presidential candidates field in TV debates. The result of this process is a sham artificial spectacle which does little to redress the profound social despair and environmental degradation experienced by Americans

The lack of open government in the United States has notably lead to 9/11, the Iraq War and a financial crisis, that in turn has lead to a perpetuated context of War which now looms against Iran.

Similarly, the lack of open government has resulted in the perpetuation of the plight of America’s inner cities; a worsening gap between rich and poor, and an environmental crisis. These were all marginalized at the last U.S. Presidential Debate which apparently complements the interest of UFO information gatekeepers that constitute America’s effective Government of the Archons. A context of so-called UFO disclosure that does not redress the very nature of the clandestine workings of a de-evolving crypto-fascist society under the pretext of “national security” will not enable the re-vitalization of America.

Americans need to re-think their democracy in a manner that ensures open government. That will enable every U.S. elector to pursue the American Dream, before the Archons pursue an apparent timetable to destroy America all together. In the word of the late Bob Marley, Americans need to “liberate themselves from mental slavery.“ Do Americans need to liberate themselves before 21 December 2012 as some researchers predict that is the date to launch the establishment of a New World Order (under a possible contrived alien invasion plot as warned by Dr. Carol Rosin)? It is apparent that the U.S. Presidential Election is part of the broader travesty of democracy that the American people now experience at all levels, but do not complain because of the controlled relatively irrelevant information that the media and communication system has fed to them.

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