Plus Size Bodies – What is wrong with them anyway?

Did you know that 50% of all women wear a size 14 or larger?

Earlier this year, a plus-size model magazine published statistics which suggested that our society was wrong in their views of wanting size zero models to be their fashionable icons. With more than half of our women wearing what is considered to be plus-size clothing, how is it that most stores that offer clothing to women that actually only cater to sizes that fall below that size 14 average. If the demand for “plus-size” clothing is so high, why is it that not more stores cater to support them?

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe, one of the world’s sexiest icons was actually a size 14?

This definitely differs from our “sexiest” icons today, such as Victoria Beckham, who was at one point lower than a size zero, and other similar Skinny Minnie’s such as the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie and more.

When did our view on female sexuality, and to be more precise, their bodies start to change? According to model statistics, ten years ago a plus-size model would have been considered as such if she was to fall between the sizes of a 12 and an 18. Now, however, if she goes above a size 6, she is considered to be a bigger girl. Staying on the same kind of theme, around 20 years ago, a model generally weighed less than 10% less than the national average of women. Again, you can see a definite change with today’s models – weighing in at a whopping 23% less! It has even been shown by Scientists that many of the tiny models that we see in our media today actually fall into the criteria for anorexia. If it takes a suspected eating disorder to be considered beautiful, the rest of the world and their “normal” girls would be considered to be ugly!

Thankfully, not all girls are falling into the teeny-tiny category; with girls such as British Glamour star Kelly Brook bringing sexy back with a voluptuous figure and beautiful curves. Her 34E bust shows that she is all women, with a booty and a set of hips that any girl would be envious of.

Although women should not need validation from a man in order to be considered beautiful, there are a few things that it is wise to remember if you are considered to be a “bigger girl”. Firstly, men tend to want to marry women that have larger hips, simply because their genetic codes are looking for the ladies that can reproduce children. Bigger hips equal child bearing hips – and this tugs on a man’s genetic desires to encourage him to find you beautiful. The same applies for larger breasts – it is all about reproducing and survival of the fittest.

Love handles and lumps and bumps portray femininity to a man – a size zero model, although beautiful in their own right, have often been compared by men to small boys. A woman with curves is the very essence of femininity; taking them back to the days of lusting after Marilyn Monroe-esque style ladies.

So, plus size bodies – what is wrong with them anyway? The answer – absolutely nothing! In fact, many men are often reported to say they would rather have a larger girl than a skinnier one. If you are a lady with curves in all the right places, embrace them! You are considered to be genetically perfect as a woman!

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