Halloween: Fashion tips not to look like a horror

It’s that time of year again, ladies – it’s Halloween! For the skinny ladies out there, it’s an excuse to go out dressed in next-to-nothing costumes, but for the plus size ladies, it can be simply horrifying!

Take the following conversation, for example:

Rebecca: “I'm going out dressed as a sexy devil this year. What are you wearing?”

Kim: “Oh you know, I might just wear a sheet and go as a ghost…”

Rebecca: “Why? Why don’t you dress up as a Witch or something? I’ve seen some super cute outfits this year!”

Kim: “There is no way I’m getting my thighs out in tiny costumes. Have you seen my thighs?”

It’s a common reoccurrence – the bigger ladies want to go out dressed as something really sexy this year, but once they see themselves in the mirror looking less than Victoria Beckham-esque, they change their minds and it is back to the old faithful – long skirts, full tops, and in some cases, a male costume.

I one knew a lady that wore a male Mad Hatter’s costume to a Halloween costume. Why? Simply because she didn’t have the confidence to go out in a skimpy little number like the rest of the ladies that she was going out with.

Being a bigger girl myself once, I have since lost a lot of weight but I still haven’t lost a lot of the opinions I had when I was that bigger girl. She dressed up as the Mad Hatter, and what did I dress up as? Naughty Alice of course!

It was a skimpy little number, but I added a few extra touches to make it much more successful as a bigger girl’s costume. For example, I added white tights, (two layers of them to be precise) which not only made my legs appear more toned, but also prevented the old “too much flesh” thing that we bigger ladies suffered with. Killer heels followed, of course – I had blue, strappy gladiator sandals with rocking heels. Any outfit looks better with a set of heels, and even if you can’t walk in them, it is only for one night so give it a go!

You need to find a color scheme that works for your skin tone. Being pale and bleach blonde, the baby blue of the costume looked “awesome”, as everyone kept telling me, and the fact that I had gone for a complimenting color made others see how good I looked, not how bad.

Also, another Halloween costume to look out for if you are a bigger girl is one that nips you in at the waist. What did the Naughty Alice costume have? A corset style top, of course! Now look at all the things that a corset could be used in dress up for – a sexy vampire, a gothic bride or Moulin rouge style lady, the devil… the ideas are positively endless, and if you have the chest to pull a corset off, base your outfit around them! A corset with fairly tight black trousers tucked into boots, a cape and some teeth, and you have a Vampire that would make Kate Bekinsdale in the hit film “Van Helsing” shy away.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t have to bare all flesh you have in order to be considered sexy for this Halloween. Take one thing about your body that you positively love, and work the rest of your outfit around it. As we have discussed, the corset works very well for a good bust. If you have killer legs, wear fishnet tights with a sexy red dress to be the devil. If you love your arms, pick an outfit that shows them off – whatever feature of your body that you love, show if off the most and you will feel sexy and confident, regardless of what outfit you have opted for!

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