Presidential Election: Archons stack deck, Americans keep playing


In America, it is apparent that ‘democracy’ is like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” allegory. Democracy in America is more of a fantasy than reality. How close would it be to the truth to view the American people as acting similar to a group of people who keep playing and expect the “big win”, in spite of finding out that the casino is crooked?

Americans should have realized from the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and a few years later, almost Democratic Party Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, that the “deck is stacked”. Arguably, these assassinations prove, that the American people can never expect to ‘win’ in the system of so-called “checks and balances”. But, instead of realizing this during the 1960’s, like a self-deluded casino player, Americans continue to pursue “blind faith” in prospective political messiahs who will make “things will get better”.

America is apparently not government of the people; by the people; and for the people, but government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. In America, the people are invited every four years to substantively choose between two people endorsed by The Establishment. Sure, anyone can theoretically run to be President, but the same elites who present to the American people their choices of two candidates, also run the corporate media, which helps ensure that all other potential choices are ignored. The rich from pre-approved cliques, create the laws, pass the laws, police the laws, and then are picked to be judges to arbitrate the law. It is no wonder why there is such a widening gap between rich and poor, and why Americans often experience so much social despair and alienation.

It was Dr. John Lash who documented on that organized religions that seek to inspire “blind faith” among humans were disseminated through Archons. These same archons then set out to inspire us, as humans, to entrust so-called democracies like America, to blind faith.

Through blind faith, the average American in Presidential Elections has been turned into some kind of political zombie that mindlessly chooses among insincere sound bites for facile captions in elite-directed mass media. Arguably, blind faith is a comfort for fools. Dr. John Lash suggests that ancient Pagan Gnostics viewed “blind faith” as a technique that was to be used by Archons to disempower us, as humans, from taking control in our own destiny. The ancient Pagan Gnostics testified in the Nag Hammadi Codices that Archons constitute the “humanized faces of aliens” that orchestrate and parasitize the ego of elites. Pagan Gnostics apparently specifically referred to Archons as “artificial man”, otherwise referred to as “artificial intelligence”.

Thahoketoteh of Kanekota in the Mohawk Nation has written about the Pyramid Power in America, and elsewhere, which disingenuously presents itself as “democracy”. Pyramid Power apparently manifests from a regressive alien template for the control of human populations.

The assassinations of both JFK and RFK presented the futility of the American system for serving the American people. The prevailing context of perpetuated war, the Iraq War, and most every political economic problem that frustrates the American people, as being the result of what my Canadian Mohawk colleague (based upon insights from First Nations elders) refers to as “Pyramid Power”. Such Pyramid Power that was spawned on Earth from the days of the oppressive empires of Egypt, operated in patterns which many researchers have suggested were executed under parasitic alien intelligences, that were consistent with the Archons that were described by the ancient Pagan Gnostics.

Both JFK and RFK inspired a nation, and peoples beyond America’s borders, but also exposed the fantasy that American democracy represents, through Pyramid Power. Robert F. Kennedy had, in particular, inspired a generation when he sought not to be elected based upon empty promises, but based upon his voluminous deeds. RFK “walked the talk”. By contrast, what do the major candidates in supposedly the world’s “Greatest Democracy” present to America, but merely the selling of illusions like the merchants who sought to swindle the King in the fable about “Emperor’s New Clothes”?

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