Chinese Challenge: Is there any pride left, really?

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Joey's Story: Private Financing of Elections, a Form of Prostitution


One doesn't have to look far to witness the 'Chinese Challenge', as I would describe it, staring one in the face. Once I was shaving while having the radio on for I would rarely miss upcoming news and that was why the radio was on. It so happened that I had purchased 11 items - all from the same store and these included the razor I was using and a box of Christmas cards. Except the latter all were made in China.

Then with the newscast a story popped up about the high incidence of suicide among workers at a certain manufacturing plant in China but the plant did not produce any of the items I had purchased. The report said employees at the plant had complained of working long hours on a regular basis or more than seventy a week.

Anyhow, the report made my blood boil and to the extent I was inclined to smash the razor in the mirror but superstition got in the way of that, But as things rushed through my mind it was all enough to raise the question as to just what is going on in trading with China?

Now, wool is described as soft, curly hair or it's the fur of sheep and some other animals. But, politically, it's Chinese wool that is referred to here and as it fits snugly over American and Canadian eyes while China embarks on an empire building shopping spree.

Sizing up my new razor I said to myself here's the explanation  as to what is happening to the middle classes of America and Canada. Multiply that razor millions and millions of times and it points up glaringly the extent of job loss to China and the greatest fear is that the U,S. and Canada will never recover fully from it.

No doubt, all this began when the 20th. century was switching to the 21st. but there was no real inkling whatsoever as to just what would take place. That's what makes it so sneaky.

It was the box of Christmas cards that spoke for the painful consequence for it was the only item bought that was not made in communist China naturally. A label on the box accompanied by a painted picture of the American flag read: Proudly manufactured in the USA. It causedto question the word 'Proudly" for is there any pride left, really?

About the writer:

Bob Moss is author of the book entitled: JOEY'S STORY - Private financing of elections, a form of prostitution. The book is billed 'the most politically-provocative ever.


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