U.S. Presidential Election: Provocative Canadian title shocks


A Canadian title that explores, in part, “election financing as a form of prostitution” relates to the current U.S. Presidential Election. Both Canadians and Americans will find this new title both a politically provocative and illuminating read.

Noted Parliamentary Correspondent Bob Moss has written an engaging account of the life of Joey Smallwood, who is the last “Father of the Confederation’. Joseph “Joey” Smallwood was a reporter, radio personality, and a farmer whose passion for a united Canada was a major factor in bringing Newfoundland into the union. After Newfoundland was united with Canada, Joey Smallwood served for 25 years as Newfoundland’s Premier. That is an Office which is equivalent to a state Governor in the United States. Joey Smallwood remains a controversial figure to this day.

Joseph “Joey” Smallwood was born in Gambo, Newfoundland, in the year 1900, the son of farmers. He grew up in poverty and dropped out of school, but through hard work managed to rise to the top of Canadian Politics. Among his achievements are the founding of The Encyclopaedia of Newfoundland and Labrador and the production of The Book of Newfoundland.

Joey’s Story (ISBN 978-1-927538-00-5) chronicles Joey Smallwood's early life; his education and early career; and his rise to become one of the leading figures in Canadian political life.

Bob Moss has thoroughly researched the life and times of Joey Smallwood and presents his findings in a intimate, engaging, and entertaining manner.

Much of the book focuses on the influence of private financing of elections, which Moss refers to as a form of prostitution. This choice of focus makes this work a timely addition to any political reader’s bookshelf, as the issue is as relevant today as it was in the 1940’s.

Private financing of elections is perhaps the most divisive issue in politics today, and Bob Moss handles the subject like the seasoned professional that he is, with clarity and vision that is rare in contemporary political journalism. This work is relevant not just to followers of Canadian politics, but to Americans as well.

No survey of the issue of private financing of elections would be complete without including a reference to “Joey’s Life” by Bob Moss.

Bob Moss is a journalist, author, and news correspondent whose career spans over forty years. He describes himself as a ‘product of great social change,’ having lived through the great depression. He was raised in a commercial fishing community, and would have become a fisherman himself were it not for a crippling childhood disease which left him unsuitable for the work. Instead he focused his energies on obtaining an education, studying at Summerville high school in Newfoundland before going on to study graphic arts at the Ryerson Institute of Technology, Toronto, with an interest in pursuing journalism.

Bob Moss went on to have a career in journalism that lasted more than forty years. A highlight of his career was a three-year assignment as a parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa, an assignment that gave him a unique perspective on Canadian politics.

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Joey's Story: Private Financing of Elections, a Form of Prostitution

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