Joey Smallwood book debuts -- The Last Father Of Confederation


Joseph Roberts Smallwood or one also known as Joey Smallwood was known for his courage and determination to lead. He was also known for bold statement "Private financing of elections, a form of prostitution," uttered privately during his glory days of politics.

As one of Canada's sought-after journalist, union leader, politician and author he showed the world that everything was possible as long as one is determined to succeed. Joey lived his life to the fullest... there was no doubt about that but there were not just hiis accomplishments but his failures,too, since and in a way his controversial life invited both.

Joseph Roberts Smallwood was born at Gambo, Newfoundland, on Christmas Eve.The oldest of thirteen children, as things would turn out,his parents were Charles Smallwood and Mary (Devanna) , seen as poor farmers, but Joey , a determined child', would reach for his dreams to spite it.

With help from a relative outside the immediate family he managed to reach the college level in education but dropped out when the financial burden still became more than he could bear. He, then, was able to land a job as a printer's apprentice and this was the opportunity that would stand him in well. For he would go on from there to be a news reporter, a noted union organizer or crusader, an author (Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador), a radio broadcast personality and, finally, he would enter politics - this time in a prominent way. He died in December,1991,at the age of 91 but he was only five days short of his upcoming birthday.

To learn more of the colourful life of Joey Smallwood seek out the book entitled: JOEY'S STORY: Private financing of elections, a form of prostitution with ISBN 978-1-927538-00-5. This is an amazing biography book and written by longtime reporter Bob Moss who admired the stamina of Joey and wanted to share it with readers.

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Joey's Story: Private Financing of Elections, a Form of Prostitution

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