Dress Fashionably for Less: Top Ten Tips


There are majority of people who are looking of ways to spend less on clothing and more on other stuff. However, this is not the case always. People tend to spend more on clothes and less on other things. Let’s talk about saving some dollars on clothes. It’s your choice either dress to impress or be modest; be the fashion icon or be the typical geek!

Some people love to shop, shop and shop till they start dropping their bags around or wait, until they go bankrupt! Don’t worry, there are some people who just love to shop without spending a dollar, yes, we are talking about window-shoppers wasting hours and hours, feasting their eyes with the sight of stunningly beautiful dresses, mesmerizing stuff and what not! Choice is up to you which one would you prefer to be? Play Safe!!

Today, I will b sharing few tips on how to dress for less while saving your time and energy at the same moment. Here we go with our list:

1.  Save every cent on your clothes. Best way to make money for new clothes is to sell what you are not wearing at a consignment shop. Sound’s Great?!!? So, search for all those items that you haven’t touched in a year and take them all to a consignment shop. Use this money to buy some new outfits.

2.  Look out for off-season clothes. It would be a great idea buying your coats and sweaters in June or July or summer dresses in January.

3.  Avail your discount coupons. Never let go your sales coupons to waste, use them wisely!

Buy cheaper sweatshirts or tees and mix them wisely with other accessories to make them look chic and trendy.

5.  Avoid over-washing your clothes. You might don’t want to wear them out so soon. Avoid washing them with bleach, hard detergents and dry-cleaning, too.

Set a budget plan to know your limits. Avoid spending too much on your clothes especially when you don’t want to burden your wardrobe with “regretting-later” kind of outfits.

7.  Remember trends are not friends. Make your own fashion statement. Surprise people with your low priced outfits. Unleash your creativity and play with your clothes.

8.  Research is important. Make the most of your online shopping skills. You may never know what you can get on internet before hitting the mall.

9.  Never buy when you are feeling low. Shopping won’t boost your self-esteem; it would only make you dull with huge bills.

10.  Make sure you know your size before making the final move. Don’t buy a figure hugging dress when you are planning to shed some pounds. Stop fooling yourself.

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