Dating experts can market through book self-publishing

Are you somewhat of a romance expert that just wants to get their knowledge out there? Have you learned cold, hard lessons from love and just want to share your newfound snippets that could help others? It doesn’t matter whether you are a dating expert, someone that has been burned by the painful art of love, or a romance writer with a passion for anything “love”, you need to know about the self-publishing service offered by the lovely people over at

Getting your manuscript published is a must have goal for any aspiring writer, but unfortunately, it is one of the hardest things to get done, even when you are a world class expert. Thankfully, for all those in need, help is at hand.

Using Skype, the only way to call and video chat these days, you can learn all that you will ever need to know about getting your prized work of written art published.

Getting a book published takes discipline, effort and a whole lot of dedication. It is also the main end goal for any writer, whether it is their first written piece, or their one hundredth. Whether it is getting your first book out there for the world to see, to get your writing career up and running, or just a lifetime goal that you would love to achieve, getting your work published is a huge deal.

There are so many steps to getting the final goal met, from writing your book to writing proposal letters, finding an agent, getting your manuscript to the people in the right positions… It can all seem like a giant minefield, and for those people that wouldn’t have a clue where to start, it can often mean the end of the journey before it has even begun.

All of this can be an expensive journey, but to make things a little easier, are offering free lessons on the basics of getting a book published, right up until the end of October. What does this mean for you, the writer? It means that you get to know everything you need to in order to get your beautiful pieces of written art out there for all to read, and in a very competitive industry, every little bit of help that you can get could make the difference between you making your career, or you breaking it.

You will see, from a little bit of investigation on the internet, that getting any piece of work published is a long and complicated journey. Maybe it is time for you romance writers, emotional information stores, and match makers for those in need to have a bash at the free publishing lessons given out for the month of October? You never know… it could just make your career!

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