Hurricane Sandy: Archons Weaponize Weather -- Play God?


Hurricane Sandy is a super storm which has lead to more than 30 deaths and has rendered 6.5 million without power. Many people have been stranded and the total damage will be worth billions of dollars. Hurricane Sandy is more of a hybrid super storm which is said to be the result of weather changes due to Global Warming. However, many researchers believe that such a storm is not natural. They also claim that the Government and the authorities posses technologies that empowers them to steer hurricanes. Using weapons based on alleged microwave satellite technology, they can create hurricanes and even steer them away to non-vulnerable areas.

So, the question arises, “Why don’t the leaders use the technology to avert the devastation?” The answer may be found in The Hypostasis of the Archons (The Reality of the Rulers). The Archons, as per the Nag Hammadi perspective, are inorganic parasitic organisms who have the ability to control the human mind. According to Dr. John Lash, the famous author and comparative mythologist, the Archons utilize various mind manipulation techniques to control humans. They try to play God and cause destruction to our planet.

There have been many instances in history where the weather has been used as a weapon. In a History Channel episode on "Weather Wars" the "HAARP program" was presented as having the potential capability to weaponize weather [above video]. Even China and Russia have been alleged to posses ‘Super Weapons’ based on weather altering technologies. Nikola Tesla had demonstrated how the ionosphere can be heated through ELF waves to control the weather. Weather is seen as a great weapon of modern warfare as it can cause severe damages to the enemy.

If the Archons can control the minds of our leaders, could that control result in the weaponization of weather as documented by the History Channel?

Hopefully we can deny the possibility that Hurricane Sandy is a manmade weather condition.  However, the History Channel, and Dr. John Lash's research on ancient Pagan Gnostics suggest that the Archons Dr. Lash suggests that the Archons have used a context of organized religion to play God. Dr. Lash describes the Archons as essentially mind parasites. Dr. Lash suggests that it is essential that we, as humans, understand the Archons, in order to avoid a path of self-destruction through so-called "prophetic" natural disasters toward a possible Apocalytpical agenda.

The History Channel's presentation on a "Weather War" suggests that a thirst for power and dominance that is evident in the capitalist global economy, has led to us, as humans, losing control to the Archons.  This context results in the undermining of human sovereignty and progress. Dr. Lash's research suggests that the affect of the Archons on our planet Earth is apparent in the spawning of chaotic situations around the world like Hurricane Sandy.

Hurriance Sandy could be viewed to be symptomatic of an enforced context in which, we, as humans, are being subverted from being able to live in peace with each other and with Nature that we as a species can inherently achieve through our spiritual-biological interconnectedness with each other. Could Hurricance Sandy be symptomatic of the psychotic effects of Archons against the 'Divine Feminine' spiritual-biological energy fields of Earth elaborated by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower that result in a manipulated or contrived disequilibrium with Nature?

The History Channel's documentary on an alleged "Weather War" suggests that we should ask ourselves whether Hurricane Sandy is a natural occurrence or is it something else.


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