UFO: Moon presents unusual craft-like activity


According to moon watchers and UFOlogists alike, the moon has been a hub of activities of late. While the rest of the people are busy moving on with their lives, there are those who are not content to let things just be. It is this group of people who have reported mile long UFOs that appear to be landing and leaving the surface of our moon.

So are there any truths to these happenings or are people just deluded? If there is something strange happening on the moon, why has government not come out and said so? Well, Scott C. Waring is one of those people who fully believe in UFOs and aliens. Not content with being a writer and ESL school owner in Taiwan, Scott has established a popular website, dealing with all things UFOs and aliens. He believes that it is important for anyone seeking information on this matter to have an informative forum that combines all witness footage and statements for clarity.

One of the videos that has been confirmed by Scott C. Waring to be real seems to support the fact that the moon has indeed been a beehive of activity lately. Scott, who also believes that the moon is a large alien ship, wonders ‘why mountain observatories with their massive telescopes still have not even glanced at the moon to see these UFOs?’ This is something to think about indeed, especially in the light of the fact that Scott asserts that he has seen the mile-long UFOs on the moon three times this month.

Another witness who agrees with Scott Waring provided the actual video footage of sightings made on 25 October 2012. The video footage does show some UFOs that seem to move about and leave the surface of the earth’s moon.

This eyewitness states, ‘I filmed these UFOs leaving the moon over the course of about 3 days with a 1.5 hour film time.’ This witness also goes on to state, ‘I edited the videos down for time and to get to the ‘good stuff’. I’m starting to see this happening every single time I point the camera at the moon. This is the first time I have seen them leave in a pair. I saw that twice.’ What do you think is going on?’ This is a question that many would like be answered.

With over 2.6 million page views, and counting, UFO Sightings Daily may be onto something. Scientist and skeptics may, however, disagree with these ideas. The mile-long UFOs may be explained away as the normal debris falling through space. Whether each side has a point or not, the fact remains that there is indeed something, thus far unidentified, moving about the moon’s surface. For Scott Waring and other UFOlogists, aliens are indeed alive and well. Time will definitely tell whether they are on to something.

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