UFO: Craft enters volcano, suggests aliens among us


With the UFOlogy world still reeling from the allegations made by one ‘Ole K’ in the Lacerta Files on the existence of the sub terrestrial alien entities living on the earth, everybody is eager to prove or disprove what they have read.

According to one self-described sub terrestrial dinosaur descendant, the dinosaur population was nearly decimated through an intergalactic war between humans and inter-dimensional ‘reptilian’ aliens. In order for the few survivors to adapt, they then evolved into sentient reptilian entities that hide in ‘plain sight’ and ‘also operate some UFOs.’

Recent sightings of cylindrical, cigar shaped UFOs appear to corroborate descriptions written down by ‘Ole K’. They are metallic in nature and grey in colour as featured in the UFOlogist website, UFO Sightings Daily. According to some of the documentation in the Lacerta Files, the UFOs described by the so-called sub-terrestrial entity show the UFOs to be ‘metalish bright-grey cigar-shaped cylindrical objects of widely differing lengths. The different types measure, I would say, between 20 and 260 of your metres’.

Scott C. Waring, the owner of UFO Sightings Daily, is a veteran UFOlogist, writer as well as a Taiwan ESL School owner. He believes in the presence of these alien beings. One of the recent postings donated by an anonymous person seems to show a similar object moving horizontally across the sky, as spotted from a passing plane.

Recently Scott also posted additional video footage obtained from a Mexican news source as well as several photographs that show a cigar shaped cylindrical UFO that was around 200 metres in length. This craft-like object is seen to be entering the mouth of Volcano Popocatepetl.

According to Scott, this happens quite often. On UFO Sightings Daily, he states, "I have been watching the live cam of the Volcano Popocatepeti off and on for several years and have reported many UFOs flying around it and going into it.’ Based on his observations, he goes on to say that UFOs are flexible in terms of colour changes and they ‘make a cloud shield around them in less than a minute."

The questions however remains, how could sub-terrestrials fighting for their survival and who live ‘only in remote areas’ to avoid detection be so careless as to get caught by human beings time and time again? Well, the answer can still be found in the allegations made by the self-described dinosaur descendant written by ‘Ole K’. These sightings can be attributed to two reasons. The alien entity alleges that there ‘was either a partial defect, or that one of us was not careful enough’.

Skeptics and scientist may argue that the sightings of UFOs can be attributed to volcanic debris or something related to that. Others believe it is just the magic of Photoshop as well as graphic manipulation. For Scott and his over two million viewers, however, the presence of aliens on our planet Earth is quite real and believable.

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