Toronto’s dream of new Streetcars will come true


It is everybody's dream to have public transportation that meets the needs of the public, and it is a very sweet dream if that public transportation created based on all citizen’s expectations. Torontonians have been waiting for six years for their streetcars, and finally they will become a reality in 2014.

This will be a most anticipated moment. Almost 10,000 local people have contributed for this new vehicle. Based on that contribution,  TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) and Bombardier have been working closely to design a new light rail vehicle (LRV) for Toronto since 2009.

From the citizens’ input, most of the people want proper seat capacity and accessibility. Another input came from almost 2,000 people about all aspects of the vehicle design. And finally, on September 2012 the vehicle was unveiled and tested for the first time.

The public like it. It's built with more space for person and belongings. You will not get lost because there is a bright yellow LED destination sign at the front, rear and three along the side with the door which displays next upcoming stop notification. And it has 100% guaranteed low floor design.

In total capacity, LRV can carry 251 passengers with 70 wider seat capacity and 181 standing capacity, and can reach the speed up to the 70km/h. If you are on your way with so many belongings, you will still feel safe to enter the vehicle because it has 2 wide doors, you could enter from the 2nd and 3rd door, even you could carry your bicycle with you. It is also very accessible for the wheelchairs,” said the TTC-Bombardier press statement.

LRV also provides comfortable viewing from the wide window so you cannot miss any moment of what is happening outside. They even show concern for your health, by placing anti-bacterial handholds.

One more thing, the system will provide a “proof-of-payment” (POP) system that's compatible with any smart card or electronic fare payment system. Less money to carry, more safety when you  travel.

Like any other cities which have similar vehicles, such as  Brussels, Valencia and Marseille, it also will be the signature transportation of Toronto, as the biggest and busiest city in Canada. The LRV will serve 11 routes, carry around 285,000 people per day and operate every 2 minutes. It is designed to be able to operate even in bad winter conditions, and also designed to prevent rust.

Lastly, it will be flashy because it took its inspiration from the color of the Canadian national flag: red on the top and bottom side of the vehicle and white in the middle. These streetcars will go into service starting late 2013 and early 2014, and will accommodate future ridership demand and route extensions.


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