GMO: Scientists create Artificial Cows for power, profit


The human civilization is heavily dependent on the usage of technology. We, as a species, have achieved the dominant status in nature, through the development of new technologies. The evolution of our species from a single cell organism to the dominant species of this planet has been aided by science and technology. However, technology can be a boon as well as a bane and it has to be used in the right manner. These days, it seems that most scientists are interested in developing technologies for the military and the capitalists. Gone are the days when the scientific community was primarily interested in developing technologies for the betterment of the humanity.

It seems like that the capitalists are not happy with their capacity of ‘milking’ money from the poor tax payers. They have now instructed some scientists in their payrolls to create "artificial cows" for profit. They literally want to milk money with this latest ‘innovation’ which is a so-called genetically modified cow. Some scientists and researchers from New Zealand have created this cloned, genetically modified cow called Daisy. It is claimed to produce milk without BLG, which is an allergy causing protein. However, even though the milk produced by Daisy contains very little amount of BLG, it contains a high amount of caseins and other milk proteins related to allergy.

That’s not all! There have been claims by many researchers that meat from cloned animals is already being sold in supermarkets across the US. The worst part is that, people are not informed that the meat that they consume comes from cloned cows. The genetically engineered animals are not as same as the ones found in nature. So, one would wonder as to why these scientists and capitalists would play God and create such an artificial cow. Jenna Blumenfeld, who blogs for the New Hope 360 Blog, wrote:

"Daisy was also mysteriously born without a tail — which, along with being the canary in the mine that she could have other, yet-unnoticed genetic mutations, is just plain creepy... just because we are able to do carry out a scientific feat doesn’t mean we should do so haphazardly. If you’re allergic to BLG, couldn’t you just drink one of the amazing and delicious non-dairy milks available... ?"

Many people would like to echo the sentiments expressed by Jenna and would like to add that these mad scientists are playing with fire. They have not been able to master the knowledge of genetics as it is very evident from the fact that they were not able to explain why Daisy was born without a tail. These scientists and the capitalists will surely not think about the interests of the common citizens. The capitalists or the Big Business organizations are only interested in milking money and making profits. It seems that er, as humans, need to become more aware of what we consume so that we can avoid causing harm to ourselves from the experiments of the scientists who prostitue themselves for a "mess of pottage" to the highest bidder.

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