Healthcare: U.S. private system destroys lives -- 180,000 fatalities


The healthcare system in America is not in a good shape. It is a fact which is known to most Americans. However, people in general are not aware that the healthcare system in the country has destroyed many lives. According a report published by the u.s. Department of Health and Human Services, 180,000 people lose their lives due to the mistakes of the healthcare system. When rated on various parameters, by Consumer Reports, most of the hospitals in the US did not get the expected ratings. The private healthcare institutes, which are owned and operated by big corporations, do not have any regards for the lives of the citizens.

Even though some of the hospitals did get a decent rating, we must remember that most hospitals are hesitant in reporting the mistakes committed by them. Many hospital errors go unreported and only a few things which could go wrong are included in the reports. In a report published by the Consumer Reports, Rosemary Gibson, a patient-safety advocate and author has said,

"There is an epidemic of health-care harm. More than 2.25 million Americans will probably die from medical harm in this decade. That's like wiping out the entire populations of North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont. It's a man-made disaster."

In the same report, Peter Pronovost, senior VP of patient safety & quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore says,

"Hospitals haven't given safety the attention it deserves, nor has the government. Medical harm is probably one of the three leading causes of death in the U.S., but the government doesn't adequately track it as it does deaths from automobiles, plane crashes, and cancer. It's appalling."

So, the question arises as to how will the people in America get treatment for their health issues. Given the current situation, the best alternative is probably Food Supplements and Natural or Herbal Products. Despite the atmosphere of negativity created about these products, it is a fact that alternate medicines and herbal supplements are very safe compared to modern medicines and drugs. The safety record of the supplements industry has been unmatched. According to data published in 2010, by the U.S. National Poison Data System, not a single death was reported due to food supplements.

The media and the government agencies like the FDA claim that the supplements and herbal medicines are dangerous can result in great casualty. If that is the case, why don’t we see many people dying from consuming these products? On an average, Americans consume more than 60 billion dosages of natural supplements every year and still we do not see any casualty due to such large scale consumption. The media and the authority are only trying to protect the interests of the capitalists who control the private healthcare system in America. It is time that people understand the gravity of the situation. People should protect themselves from becoming a victim of this for-commercial-profit healthcare monster.

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