Kim Kardashian launches new plus-size fashion line

Kim Kardashian is all set to launch a new plus-size fashion line. She can be seen promoting her new line vigorously in UK. Kim Kardashian loves to remain in news, be it through fashion, scandals or gossips. Kim K does it again!

It is impossible to talk about Fashion without mentioning the trends set by our lady Kim K. Well, the lady has been making quite a buzz in the fashion industry this time but in UK. While promoting her new line aimed at British Women, Kim explains:

Maybe it’s the weather, but I find girls here are really great at layering different pieces, mixing things up and accessorizing to get a look that is unique to them.”

Wow, that is quite a statement by Ms. Kim Kardashian but wait, THG has so much to argue on Kardashian sisters. An article published in The Hollywood Gossip criticizes this “very known for scandalous” star and her sisters for the 2010 lawsuit filed against them on promoting a product called QuickTrim; a diet aid with no effects on losing weight as the stars claimed. All the three of the Kardashian sisters faced a huge blow by the women who actually used the product on misleading the customers with their “so-called experience”. The article further pokes fun by stating, “The same woman who talks every week about how much weight she has to lose, and who shills for a ridiculous dieting cleanse, will officially announce a line of fashion today aimed at plus-size women.”

Well, we can wish the lady a warm good luck on her new venture and let’s hope that her fashion line would bring something really exciting for her UK fans. So, keep your fingers crossed!

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