Canada's War Economy destroys Public Services

Abraham Flexner, the man who revolutionized medical education in the United States had once said,

"Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education. Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both."

We cannot deny the fact that to be prepared for war is an absolute necessity in today’s world. A developed country like Canada, with vested interests across the globe, needs to have a strong military. However, we need to understand that there is no need for excessive spending on the military, especially at the expense of the public service sectors.

The war economy in Canada is gradually destroying the public services in the country. In order to keep feeding the war economy, the government is aiming at budget cuts in all the major sectors of the economy.

However, these budget cuts are having a profound adverse affect on several public services and sectors of the economy that affects many Canadian.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kevin Page statea that the money for the budget cuts will be obtained from 85% of those services and programs which are for the masses. An article published in CBC NEWS, states that,

"The PBO says that only 15 per cent of cuts will be to what's termed "internal services," meaning departmental overhead. The remaining 85 per cent of savings will come from programs and services that will affect the people who rely on them.

Recently, the PBO published a spreadsheet that compiles all the information on how government departments will implement the 5 to 10 per cent of cuts that the federal government said each department would have to find."

Thus, it is quite clear that these departments will have to do away with a lot of money, which will directly affect the services they provide. The people who rely on these services will be severely affected. Important departments like Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Aboriginal Affairs will be affected by these cuts. Unless the Harper administration wants the Canadians to find health services elsewhere or inspect their own food, we cannot be certain how these cuts are going to work.

The Stephen Harper Government has been pouring money into a new Canadian military-industrial complex, which is destroying vital public services. This is evident from the fact that the government has failed to provide exact details on its spending. The PBO has not been provided with exact details of the spending and the parliamentary budget officer, Kevin Page, in an interview to CBC NEWS has said that:

"We need to see the spending plan so we can kick the tires and do the verification for parliamentarians … right now we're just trying to tease up the spending plan. Effectively, it should have been in place right after the budget, so we're still waiting for it,"

Clearly the Harper government does not want to reveal any information to the public about its true spending. 

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