Relationships: Don't be a bored married couple

There is a popular statement that is used for every time an unmarried couple or friends fight, the statement is "You two sound like a bored married couple". This statement would be funny if the couple is not in fact married because as soon as a married couple hears this statement in reference to them everything might go downhill from there.

A married couple often tends to fall into a monotonous routine where they seem to forget how to be interesting. Worst yet they seem to have forgotten the very things that initially brought them together as a couple. It is interesting to know that while most unmarried couples may be eager about marriage it appears after marriage they feel that the element of ‘chase’ is over and that they no longer need to be interesting.

Such form of thinking could easily put a married couple into a constant loophole of a sedentary lifestyle where all they do is wake up; have breakfast; go to work; have lunch; return home; have dinner and fall asleep. If reading this sentence got you bored imagine how boring would it be to live it out day in and day out?

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond where two people decide to spend their lives together in harmony but some couples tend to actually stop ‘living’ after marriage. Soon after the honeymoon period fades away; the couple gets used to and comfortable around each other; also they may have an overwhelming urge to be more responsible. When such an urge is created married couples start to become boring; they stop being who they are; stop living their lifestyles and try to segment themselves in accordance with whatever the other married couples in their close proximity is doing.

So in a funny way; a married couple tends to define themselves by their surroundings and often mimic those around them hence following a set norm. To avoid falling in this trap a couple must maintain their individuality even after marriage and must continue to spend time with various segments of society both as a couple and as individuals.

In order to remain interesting even after marriage a couple must remain enthusiastic about simple things in life and remain passionate about each other and their dreams. Find common interests, break the norm and try to be the ‘interesting married couple’ everyone is curious about.

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