Montreal Giant expands Shoe Empire


Montreal welcomes a new flagship store by Aldo as the well-known shoe magnate celebrates 40th anniversary of his shoe empire. A stylish party was thrown to celebrate the event at the location, Sainte-Catherine Street West. Aldo makes a huge chain of stores from Canada to Abu Dhabi. It has been estimated that there are 1,600 stores in 80 countries but Montreal stands tall as the brand took its first step from this city of style and fashion.

Celebrating the event, Aldo Bensadoun says, “Because of everything happening in the world today, fashion is going to be sportier; the heel will be flatter.”

Love, respect and Integrity are the three fundamental principles upon which Aldo Bensadoun has laid the foundation of his huge shoe empire, running successfully all over the world with a worth of $ 1.8 billion in retail sales annually. With his huge workforce and dedicated team, Mr. B is known for all the good things one can associate this “king of shoes” with.

Now, Mr. Aldo is ready to mark another victory in Montreal with huge celebrations. According to one retailer who didn’t want to be named, “The whole city is wrapped in it.”

Mr. Aldo Bensadoun, 73, who has never showcased himself into the world of fashion and style, is all set to reveal his new business strategies, quite ready for the interviews and for other public appearances on Tout le monde en parle.

When Mr. Aldo was questioned about the success of his shoe empire in Montreal and around the globe, he answers humbly, "We wanted to be a company based on meaningful values.” Mr. Aldo is not ashamed of keeping a low profiled life and making rare appearances in the world of business, fashion and style.

Shoes can change the entire look of someone’s personality. Besides, commitment and 100% dedication with the business, Mr. Aldo adds creativity, openness to new ideas and innovation as the standing factors behind his success. This season, Aldo is working with Patrik Ervell and Preen, as well as Montreal's Travis Taddeo.

On a more prosaic note, Mr. Aldo says he sells an $80 shoe that looks and feels like a $150 shoe. And people always need shoes, he admits; they do wear out but quality, comfort and uniqueness in style are the basic elements that they have always promised to bring in their designs to satisfy their customers.

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