Flu Vaccine Dangers: Canada and Europe suspends

As winter approaches, people across the U.S. are being asked to take flu shots. The health agencies in America have always encouraged the people to take flu shots before the onset of winter.  They claim that these vaccines are effective and safe, and even go onto say that all safety concerns regarding the vaccines are myths. However, based on recent developments and scientific evidences, we can rightly say that the health agencies in America have been feeding a lie to the public. The flu vaccines are certainly not safe and do not provide effective protection against the flu.

A study conducted by the University Of Minnesota observed that these flu vaccines do not provide as much protection as they were believed to provide. The study states that the elderly and the children do not benefit from these vaccines. It has also found that even grownup adults only receive a very minute percentage of protection against flu, by using these vaccines. The authors of this study have said:

“Influenza vaccines can provide moderate protection against virologically confirmed influenza, but such protection is greatly reduced or absent in some seasons. Evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older is lacking."

Thus, people who take the flu shots are only taking a health risk and they are not getting any benefits from these shots as well. Even the much talked about influenza vaccine is not known to provide any benefit. Michael T. Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, says:

“We have overpromoted and overhyped this vaccine, it does not protect as promoted. It's all a sales job: it's all public relations".

Recently, many reputed flu vaccine, which are very popular in the US, have been banned by Canada and several countries of Europe. On the 24th of October, 2012, Italy banned the usage of Agrippal, Influpozzi, Fluad and adjuvanted Influpozzi (all four manufactured by Novartis) as they found that these vaccines contained ‘white particles’. On the 25th of October, 2012, these vaccines were also banned in other countries such as Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria and France. On the 27th of October, 2012, Canada also banned the two flu vaccines, Agriflu and Fluad, manufactured in Italy, by Novartis. 

A report published in the Wall Street Journal says:

"Problems with its flu vaccines represent a new blow for the Swiss drug maker [Novartis], which has struggled with a series of manufacturing problems recently. The Basel-based company is still trying to resume production at its troubled facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, which was shut down in December because of manufacturing flaws, and recently had to recall a birth-control pill because of a packaging error."

In spite of all of these scientific findings and bans on flu vaccines in several countries, the American authorities have not taken any concrete action against these drugs. The people in the country need to read these reports and understand the truth behind the flu vaccines.  


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