Torontonians fight to protect Neighbourhood

We have witnessed the much publicized revolt against the anti-Ossington Ave scheme. Another battle against the substitution and replacement of Queen Street East has been declared in a profound manner. In the present case, the Torontonians are not protesting against the height of the building. Rather, it is their sentiments that have come into play. The new condo would satiate the lacunae-prone development of Toronto. It is designed by a fresh, yet well-established firm named RAW. The location will be at the corner of both Queen and Kenilworth Avenue. As per Christopher Hume, Queen should not be completely abandoned from renewal. Though it is architecturally aesthetic, it has not been meticulously planned. Versatility does not necessarily mean that changes are inevitable.

Criticizing new developments has been the inherent characteristics of NIMBY forces. They are unable to accept change. But such resentment leads to dangerous modifications which is certainly not good. Queen is one of the main junctions of the city, an important transit route and a destination for consumers. Its streets are flooded with cars most of the time. Ontario Ministry of Finance estimates that the population of Toronto will increase by 24.5 percent in the coming twenty-five years. The Beach can afford growth and development but it is astonishing to find that many people deny this fact. Queen accommodates a number of shops. However, the burger shop named Lick’s will have to be chopped off for the new infrastructure to come up and this is a matter of great concern.

The restaurant declared that it would shift to a nearby locality but the assurances were not able to cool down flaring tempers of neighborhood people. The morally justified rage of these people would not consider the fact that this issue is a part of the entire Toronto and not just the Beach. This region of Toronto has been a sacred ground for the last four decades. It has been popular for many reasons. The sanctity of this place has been given primary importance in the Official Schedule. Protection of this neighborhood is guaranteed by this plan. This very plan has prevented any harm to the facilities enjoyed by these people. Toronto is now the city of skyscrapers. But this cut-throat competition of advancement in infrastructure, especially height wise, has left low-rise buildings in a state of neglect.

Torontonians in the area have various views regarding these matters. Some say that this six-storey building will be an underdog for the remaining lofty ones. They are obsessed with the prediction that the Beach will be converted into a “cement jungle”. Miss McMahon is being dreaded in these cases. Some are not willing to bring in more people as they feel that it would cause more choking problems.There needs to be an “avenue study” before estimating any kind of population growth. Queen is a sight of traffic nuisance, and cannot sustain more people. Eric Liu has said “To be sure, the United States has more profound problems, not least are faltering educational and physical infrastructure”. With condos blooming all over the city, experts say that there is no proper planning for these debutant structures. Not only animals, humans are also craving for green lands and parks. “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”. This is what Gary Snyder says. This fact is turning to become the ultimate truth. Coming back to our condo approval problem, midrise developments are as burdensome as the establishment of the 6 storey building at Queen. This leaves no one bothered!

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