Canada arms India, destabilizes fragile regional peace?


“Being able to resolve these issues and move forward is, we believe, a really important economic opportunity for an important Canadian industry, part of the energy industry that should pay dividends in terms of jobs and growth for Canadians down the road,”

This is a statement that has been made by the Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada during his recent visit to New Delhi. It has been four decades that India hadn’t been able to import any uranium or nuclear reactor from Canada. This has happened because in the year 1976 Canada stopped its nuclear supplies to India, because India has used that material in the manufacturing of the atomic bomb. But now the ice seems to be melting and both countries are giving green signals to others that they are ready to for a fresh nuclear materials business. It is also worth mentioning that almost two years back India and Canada have agreed upon a mutual corporation document in relation to the nuclear materials. But up till now nothing has been finalized because the ultimate shape of this contract has not been devised.

According to source the delay has taken place because Canada has got some reservations over the issue that its exported materials will not be again used for the purpose of making atomic bombs as this has been done by India previously. But India maintains that it wants to install more nuclear reactors because it wants to cope up with the increasing power demands that are present in the country.

The recent statement made by Canadian Prime Minister indicates that matter has been solved to a great extent and all this has given up rise to serious discussions among the masses. The concerned authorities are very much worried that what impact will be produced upon the peace of South Asia when this deal will be finalized. Everybody knows about the rivalry that India has with its neighbour Pakistan which is also an atomic power. The relations between both countries are always facing ups and downs and already they have fought three wars with each other. And many times the wars were about to start, but were stopped because of the international involvement. It is worth mentioning that both countries have not yet fought an atomic war yet, but if in the future they will face each then none of them will hesitate to launch a full scale atomic attack.

The consequences of such a war will be very brutal not only for both arch rivals, but also for the whole region. Because both India and Pakistan are important strategic partners of the South Asian region any disturbance between both nations can produce a great negative impact upon their neighbors. If India decides to use the uranium supplies from Canada for generating atomic bombs and enhancing its strength as it has done before then the overall peace and stability of South Asian region will be badly affected. It is important that Canada should pay due consideration to these facts before finalizing the details because this step can claim the lives of millions of innocent people if the results will not be positive.

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