UFO: Astronomer describes Mars Colony


An alien base has been discovered on the top of Deimos, a moon of the Planet Mars, through the photo analysis technique. This amazing discovery was launched to the public by Scott C. Waring on November 2, 2012, after he had analyzed NASA photos of Deimos.  Deimos is currently considered a vital key that can make a human trip to Mars a reality.

In the analysis posted in UFO Sightings Daily on November 2, Waring described the unusual structure she had encountered while looking through NASA photos.

“While searching through the photos, I was interested to take a closer look at the Deimos photos. And I accidentally came across a unique object on the upper part of the photo,” said Waring.

The unique object Waring was referring to is a massive egg-shaped structure. Its unusualness attracted Waring to take a closer look and analyze the photo. “At a glance it looks like the usual surface of the moon. But if you analyze it in more detail, you can see that it is a structure, camouflaged to look like the moon's surface.”

Waring who is an apparent amateur atstronomer who has ex-military credentials, has been studying and researching UFOs for years, and began the site UFO Sightings Daily as a way to keep the public informed about what is actually happening out there.  To his trained eyes, the structure really stuck out. After studying the photos closely, Waring is confident that the structure is an alien base.

“I came to  the conclusion that this structure is an alien base. There are several factors that made me reach this conclusion. First, take a closer look at the picture, you can see two massive windows with equal proportions,” Waring explained.

“This structure may be a ship. It appears to be lopsided, so my analysis is that the ship  landed roughly in the crater,” added Waring.“I estimated that the structure is .775 km across, because the radius of Demos is 6.2 km and the structure is about 1/8 the size of the moon.”

Deimos and another Mars moon, Phobos are the focus of current NASA research , as they are considered key to humankind quest to reach Mars. On NASA’s mission to Mars plan, announced by President Barrack Obama last year, Deimos and Phobos are being weighted as a transit destination, for both human or robotic spaceflight.

Deimos indeed provides good prospects for landing. It has many flat surfaces, stable orbital platforms, biological isolation (from earth and Mars), ease of access, and low surface gravity. In Denver, an Orion spacecraft is currently under development, to explore Deimos in the near future.  This could make it the ideal location for the Mars Mission Control Center. They may even get some assistance from the resident aliens.

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