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UFOs around Sun resemble foretold Galactic Obliteration Devices

UFO Sightings Daily now reports that giant cubic entities that resemble the "Borg Cubes" in the Star Trek science fiction series are orbiting the Sun, and could soon head toward Earth.


If one combines the beliefs of the ancient Pagan Gnostics with the Luciferian Liberation Front’s interpretation of the Bible and a 2011 report to UFO Sightings Daily, one has to conclude that GOD is orbiting the sun in the form of a giant cube.


In this case, however, GOD stands for Galactic Obliteration Device. Revelations, chapter 22, does describe the "City of God", the New Jerusalem, as a giant cube that comes down from the heavens. The Luciferian Liberation Front (LLF) has taken this, and many other references in the Bible to "heaven and hell" and come to the conclusion that “heaven” is actually a gigantic source of psychic power coming from all the souls gathered there, which enables “God” to go about his work which is the eventual annihilation of the human race.


This is not that far removed from the beliefs of the Pagan Gnostics who suggested that organized religion represents a counterfeit of human spirituality that is the humanized face of regressive aliens or an "artificial man". The Pagan Gnostics were aware that these were not extra-terrestrial aliens, and described them instead as “mind parasites” that feed off the human ego. Perhaps, this is where J.K. Rowling got the idea for her dreadful "Dementors". The Pagan Gnostics called such entities Archons, and suggested that the Bible is the product of the Archons, a viewpoint that LLF agrees with. Far from being the Creator, God is a manifestation of the Archons, and the Bible is their way of trapping us in their web.


According to Revelations, the descent of the new Jerusalem would coincide with a "new heaven and a new earth", and “no more sea”. In other words, the appearance of a giant cube, each side about 1500 miles across, would mean the end of life as we know it. And now there are reports of not just one, but several immense cuboid shapes circling the Sun.


The cubes were spotted and reported to UFO Sightings Daily by Mike, who seems to spend a lot of time perusing SOHO images. SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, a collaboration between ESA and NASA, uses a satellite to study all aspects of the Sun, and their photographs are available for anyone to look at. In some of the images submitted by Mike, the object is seen from a corner and is clearly a straight sided cube. In others the outline is stepped, as if it is made up of blocks or pixels. This outline is reminiscent of the Mayan pyramids, and leads one to wonder if there is any significance to the appearance of these cubes so soon before the Mayan calendar ends.


Scott C. Waring, founder and manager of the website UFO Sightings Daily has his own take on the cubes: “I believe any object that large either is there because the sun is hollow or to harvest the energy. The last one seems more possible.”


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