Justin Trudeau betrays father's legacy on Canadian control


Justin Trudeau, the leadership hopeful of the Liberal Party has supported CNOOC's bid to takeover Nexen, the 6th largest oil company of Canada. By supporting this bid by Chinese state owned oil giant China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), he has betrayed the legacy of his father, the late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

In his efforts of Canadianization of the country’s oil resources, Pierre Trudeau’s government established Petro-Canada in the year 1974. Eventually, Petro-Canada was instrumental in making sure that the control of Canada’s oil resources remained with Canadians.

According to an article published in CSMONITOR, the efforts of Canadianization began in the year 1976. The article states:

This pattern began in 1976 with Petro-Canada's purchase of Atlantic Richfield of Canada for $320 million and Pacific Petroleums, the Canadian subsidiary of Phillips Petroleum of Bartlesville, Okla., in 1979 for $1.3 billion.”

However, Justin Trudeau seems to be selling out his father's legacy in a bid to get more corporate support and donations from "New World Order" sponsoring elites. By supporting CNOOC’s bid, Trudeau will surely get in the good books of the Chinese Government and the capitalists in the West who support the Chinese Government.  It is apparent that Justin Trudeau for petty political opportunism seeks to attract support from elites who are poised to destroy the nation-building his father had sought to help inspire, and develop.  

A report published by CBC states:

“In an opinion piece published in Postmedia newspapers Tuesday, Trudeau said the deal would be good for Canada because the investment will help create middle-class jobs and bolster its trading relationship with China.”

However, Justin Trudeau seems to have forgotten that by supporting this bid, he is also associating himself with a company, supported by a regime notorious for its human rights violations. His father was a staunch supporter of human rights who wanted to build a ‘Just Society’ in Canada. Pierre Elliot Trudeau's support for human rights was expressed through his efforts to patriate the Canadian Constitution through the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Pierre Trudeau was also instrumental in strengthening the role of FIRA (Foreign Investment Review Agency), which was effective in ensuring that the majority ownership remained with Canadians, in joint ventures with foreign entities. Clearly, in this proposed bid by CNOOC to takeover Nexen, the majority stake will remain with the former.

The irony is that even though Justin Trudeau is supporting the CNOOC-Nexen deal, he is opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline, proposed by Enbridge Inc. It does make us question, the motive behind his resolution, to support the bid by CNOOC. We have to assume that he is more interested about the corporate funding that his campaign will receive if the deal goes through.

If you read the book called ‘Joey's Story’ written by the veteran news reporter Bob Moss, you will find that private financing of election has been regarded as a form of prostitution.

The book quotes the late Joseph Smallwood and explains his views on modern day politics in the US & Canada. It gives us a good insight about why Joseph Smallwood felt that private funding of election is bad, and how it can make leaders take decisions against the interest of the people. 


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