Grey Cup: Time to soak up more than the moment


There were a lot of records set in last night’s Grey Cup game and these records occurred off the field.  The 100th Grey Cup was the most watched Grey Cup ever with 13 million viewers who tuned in at some point during the game.  With the Toronto Argos in the game and the game being played in Toronto that probably had a little bit of an impact on the ratings.  Either way, it was a very successful day for the CFL and Toronto.

The game was sold out but there was a report out that said the game could have sold out twice over.  On Monday night football, they showed highlights of the game.  It's safe to say the state of the CFL looks incredibly promising for the future.

With all the success of the 100th Grey Cup is there a chance of expansion?  The league is at an all time high.  This is a perfect opportunity to look into expansion and having another Toronto team could do wonders for the league based on the record viewership and ticket sales.  Toronto is big enough to support multiple CFL teams.  If the Grey Cup showed us anything it is that Torontonians love their football.  When the Argos have their victory parade, any doubt of the CFL's relevancy will be answered.  I see record numbers attending the parade to celebrate the Argos improbable run to the Grey Cup.

With the 100th season over, the commissioner should reflect on one of the most successful seasons in memory.  It is time to consider expansion.  Just like in music or social trends, you ride it and milk it for as long as possible and now is the time.  The success of this year’s Grey Cup should open everyone’s eyes to the future of the league which is bright.

This upcoming offseason will be a big one for the league.  The decisions that will be made will have a huge impact on the future of the CFL.  Mark Cohon has done a great job of marketing the brand and with ratings higher than ever; it will be hard to top the 100th season.  Let’s all hope for the continued success of the CFL and football in Canada.  Oh yeah, the Argos beat the Calgary Stampeders 35-22 for the very few of you out there who don't already know.

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