Emma Stone Sex Tape – Should we stop making homemade porn?


The list of celebrity names that have had sex tapes “outed” to the public should stand as a very big warning to the rest of us that decide we want to have intimate moments down in black and white, so to speak. It started with the Pamela Lee-Jones sex tape on the boat. Then there was the Paris Hilton sex tape that, let’s face it; we all watched. What about the Kim Kardashian one? Recently it was the UK artist and X Factor presenter Tulisa, and now the public sex tape ordeal has pounced on its newest victim – Emma Stone, actress in big-time movies such as Easy A and Superbad.

Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, surely it is time to rethink these moments of pure lust – maybe the sex tape idea isn’t such a great one after all?

Admittedly, when most of us are making these sex tapes, we are not seriously considering the outcome should we ever become famous. However, it does beg the question – what happens to those sex tapes and photos? When you break up with a partner, shouldn’t you ask for those photos and videos to be returned, or at the very least, be deleted?

We’ve all had a moment of madness where it seems that we would do everything in our powers to make our partners happy. They are away working so the odd “boob” shot should tide him over until he comes home. She’s on a night out so to remind her of what she is missing; you send her a picture of your manhood. Then there are those drunken nights together where grabbing your video phone and making a homemade movie just makes perfect sense… These are, when you think about it, moments of pure madness. You cannot guarantee where those videos and photos will end up, and from rather shocking videos that you may come across on free online adult video sites, you can see that those private moments may not stay private for very long.

 Although not leaked to the public yet, statements have suggested that the newest saga in the celebrity sex tape series is going to be unveiled. It is still in the hands of the man that Emma Stone recorded the video with. Think of it this way – that poor guy is going to be offered untold amounts of money to leak it out. Could any person turn down THAT amount of money to protect another ex partner? According to latest press reports, "There's no way she would organize the release of the tape. In fact, she would fight to stop it. She has no respect for women like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton who became famous because they released a sex tape."  Does this mean that she actually has any power to stop it?

When you do the breakup routine, you ask for your stuff back – the CD’s, the clothes, the toothbrush that you left at their place and the spare phone charger for those hurried nights. Shouldn’t it make just as much sense to ask for the videos and photos to be returned as well? And if that’s the case, you could go even further into the situation to go as far as signing privacy contracts before you indulge in such naughty foreplay?

I guess for the rest of us that aren’t planning on becoming famous at any point soon, we should rethink those moments where we indulge our fantasies. The internet is such a massive thing now, and you don’t know where an ex may post your private moments. When you add to the mix that more and more companies now search you on the internet before offering you a position, would you really risk having your future destroyed because of a drunken oral sex photo that you took all those years ago?


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