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Justin Trudeau betrays father's legacy

“Petro-Canada,” was one of the best legacies ever left by a Prime Minster, namely, the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau.He left a legacy by fighting for the right of Canada to take charge of her own oil resources.

Matters are no longer at ease though, as his son blatantly attempts to betray his father’s legacy by supporting a major takeover of the Canadian oil industry by the Chinese. Should this takeover be successful, Canadians’ human rights anchored in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will not only be breached but will also result in the loss of control over this vast precious resource.

A son’s betrayal of the ideals held by his father is nothing new, however. By supporting the takeover of the Canadian oil Industry by a Chinese state owned company, CNOOC, Justin Trudeau is just continuing with the battle started during his father’s regime in the early 1980s. According to the Christian Science Monitor article of October 15, 1980, the oil rich regions were opposed to the “Canadianization” because they did not want to share majority of their resources with oil-poor governments of the provinces.

Fast forward to 2012 and Justin Trudeau, a Liberal Hopeful, according to an opinion piece he wrote, believes that the takeover deal would be “good for Canada.” He believes that plans like his father made were completely unworkable in today’s world what with the current Canadian government having “completely failed” to bring in needed investments and creating more middle class jobs.

The son of the former “Petro-Canada” architect goes on to give reasons as to way he believes the takeover will be a great thing for Canada stating, “Bottom line is just because you're making a deal with the government of China doesn't mean you have to act like the government of China… That's yet another indication that we do need to be serious about opening doors and connecting with other markets

Not everyone agrees with him however. One fierce critic of Justin Trudeau’s stance about this issue is Ottawa Lawyer David Bertschi who believes that, “far too many unanswered questions” remain about the proposed deal.

Years before this issue took root in the hearts and minds of Canadians, a deep thinker in the name of Joey Smallwood, a one-time premier of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1950s wrote commented on the situation. In his book, ‘The Bayman Book,’ he wrote about “private election financing” being a “form of prostitution.”

One wonders if Justin Trudeau, what with his stance on the takeover by CNOOC, during an election period, is not guilty of the same. Only the Montreal MP can tell the people the truth.


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