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Free University Tuition would boost Canada's economy

There is no doubt that high tuition in Canada undermines access to knowledge that is vital to the economic development of the country. Over the recent past, there have been a spate of protests, some of which have turned quite violent, over the amount of tuition fees that students have been paying. There has been a back and forth discussion on what amount is fair for both the students and the institutions of higher learning.

According to the student representatives in the student Unions all across Canada there are plenty of benefits to the economy that will be gained by making higher education affordable, if not free.

One of these benefits is the fact that most of the people at the lower end of the financial pay scale will of course get to access the same high quality of education as those on the higher end of the pay scale get. This will go along way in ensuring that there is equality in the quality of service obtained.

As a ripple effect there will be less jealousy and frustrations among students who are just as smart but wholly unable to pay for the education that they should be getting.  This discontent has caused a number of demonstrations in cities across Canada. Destruction of property will be outdated and the economy will be safe since risks associated with such demonstrations will be almost non-existent.

A boost to the Canadian economy is also going to be noticed due to the high quality of graduates turned out by these higher institutions of learning. The higher the quality of education obtained by a majority of the graduates within the country, then the higher the quality of the solutions to economic problems experienced in the country. Highly qualified graduates will lead to high quality products and services which will go a long way in ensuring that Canada is at the forefront of the World’s economic growth. Education is the best human capital for any country looking to grow economically.

Making higher education tuition free will go a long way towards creating a critical thinking society. All Canadians regardless of background,will be able to participate actively and confidently in all aspects of community life. People who are capable of critical thinking will also participate actively in community politics as well as the voting process. There is no doubt that politically active voters will usually have the best and the most effective democratic processes when electing their leaders. Doing so will also ensure that responsible citizens of integrity are elected to run the country, which affects the economy positively as investor trust shoots up.

Money for such a plan would require the highly educated and highly paid Canadian citizens to pay all their taxes to ensure its efficiency. It is a win-win situation for everybody.


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