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Global Crisis: Aliens rule humanity through Archons

The scientific community pretty much agrees that the human race evolved in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa around 200,000 years ago.  Wherever it may have been, the Garden of Eden was not in Africa. So where does that leave Adam and Eve?  One recent theory is that Adam and Eve and their descendants are alien contrived entities.  Did Adam and Eve come in our human space-time (possible from the moon) to populate it with their own kind, and to take the best resources of this planet (notably gold).  Once established, did the descendants of the Adam and Eve bloodline, as David Sewell War and David Icke suggest, conspire to manipulate Earth?

Alex Collier is of the opinion that there are two kinds of aliens – Ethical ones and Manipulative ones. He claims to be in constant contact with Ethical Human Extraterrestrials who keep him informed about happenings and conflicts among entities in distant galaxies.  With the insights that his contacts have provided to him, Collier has concluded that much of what we believe is actually the product of the infiltration by lower dimensional aliens of an artificial intelligence that we, as humans, have allowed into our collective human consciousness.

Apparently, lower dimensional aliens seek to exploit negative energies that human can generate.  Archons based on Dr. John Lash's insights are not "Extraterrestrials" from distant planets, but, instead, are apparently entities from a parallel reality.  Such entities apparenly seek to live out their ego driven and artificial intelligence-directed lives at the expense of humans who are actually higher dimensional spiritual biological begins.

Collier is convinced that lower dimensional "Archons" invaded the Earth in the 1930’s (some believe at the invitation of the Nazi’s) and that both the Creationist beliefs of much Western religion, and Darwin’s theory of Evolution are just propaganda spread by Archons by means of organized religions and their operatives posing as human scientists.

There is an obvious disconnect here as the Judeo-Christian religion and the Theory of Evolution happened long before the 1930s.  But it can all be explained by their ability to travel backwards through time, making it appear that they have been here for thousands of years.  With this ability “you can literally alter the consciousness of any race”, explains Collier.  Apparently based upon Collier's insights, another group of aliens, from Sirius B, have done the same thing, leaving us in the disempowering situation of not knowing what to believe any more.  Has much of our modern technological society been manipulated by regressive aliens?  Is climate change part of an alien agenda linked to an organized religious agenda? Is the economic crisis in the United States and Europe a result of alien meddling in human affairs.

And if Adam and Eve are Lunatics, not creations of God, what are we to make of our Creator? Are we to conclude that the God in which we trusted until now, is just a creation of other beings, Archons who control humanity?


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