The End of the World – A Lighthearted Perspective


It seems that I can’t open a magazine or newspaper these days without hearing something about the end of the world, and does anyone else like me; think that it’s getting a bit overrated?

Apparently the end of the world as we know it is supposed to occur on 21 December 2012.  According to so many different stories out there, the Mayan calendar ended on this day, so the earth must be coming to an end. I decided to do a little bit of investigative work and get together my own take on this topic that seems to be on everybody’s lips.

The first thing I came across was a very informative website discussing everything you would ever want to know about the end of the world – the right foods that you should be stocking up on, various scare stories about why this date is so important, opinions on news articles such as “Russia attempts to quell end-of-the-world panic” and “Los Angeles survival groups brace for Dec. 21, 2012 and beyond”. Someone has spent good time and money into making this website, and it seems to be a rather big one – this says to me that there is someone out there that believes the rumors enough to make the blog happen. The website, just in case you are interested, is

The next thing I learned was a new take on the end of the world stuff. So, what started with the whole Mayan calendar thing has now been expanded – there is a twelfth planet that is going to crash into the earth. I have an opinion on this – if Scientists haven’t been able to predict earthquakes or tornados to the point that they could save a few lives, how are they going to be able to predict that December 21st is the day that this new planet is going to whack right into us?      

There are even more stories too, such as the fact that the next “Polar Reversal” is going to be in 2012, which basically means the Earth is going to start turning in the opposite direction, and the two poles are going to switch places. The Mayans reportedly knew about this, and this is why they didn’t lead the Mayan calendar further on than Dec 21. Another interesting story, that’s for sure!

So what does it mean for the rest of us? Is this going to be another Millennium style story, where everyone prepares for the worst and absolutely nothing happens? Should we start stocking up on tinned food and bottled water, ready to hide in our basements for the day that might come, but probably won’t? From a lazy girl’s perspective, if the end of the world is coming, I’d rather it was quick and fast. I’m not the brightest star in the sky, so the chances of me actually surviving an apocalyptic ending are slim to none. Would I want to be the girl that was chasing through the end of the world, struggling to survive like something out of an action-thriller movie? No, I wouldn’t. I’d be the one that sits there and has a few alcoholic beverages, waiting for it all to blow over.

What are your views on the end of the world stuff? Are you convinced that something big and out of our control is going to happen to us, or are you watching the news and reading the newspapers with a bemused smile on your face, thinking about what you are going to be doing for Christmas next year?

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