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UFOs: Former U.S. President alluded to Mayan-like Alien Scenario

There is growing evidence to suggest that Ronald Reagan may once have alluded to an alien invasion plan. This evidence also seems to suggest that the invasion would be part of a plot to create a united world Order for humans. One of the theories that have recently taken off is about UFO activities around the sun being part of a holographic alien attack scenario. This theory also suggests that elites living on this earth have known about this invasion as portrayed in the book of Revelation while referring to a Galactic Obliteration Device. This device, known as G.O.D for short, is said to be on its way to earth where it will start to assimilate all the living creatures. This is nothing short of the Mayan prophesied apocalypse.

With NASA/SOHO video footage as well as video stills showing an increased level of UFO activities around the sun, this raises some questions. Even Scott C. Waring, a renowned UFOlogist, is a little bit concerned. In his UFO Sightings Daily he asked, “UFOs are orbiting the sun’s corona, but for what purpose?”

While NASA is not in a position to discuss the presence of these UFOs, Waring certainly is. He believes that the UFOs around the “sun’s corona” are “perhaps [the UFOs are] harvesting something from the sun or perhaps [the UFOs carry] a race of reptilian aliens that need the intense sunlight to survive.”This certainly seems like a credible line of thought.

If there is any doubt about a Mayan alien-like invasion scenario, then a look at one of Ronald Regan’s speech available in YouTube would be the best place to find answers. In this speech the late-Reagan seems to refer to how animosities “would vanish” if all the people “were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” Surely there has to be a reason as to why so many high profile prophesies would all refer to a doomsday scenario on this earth?

Waring certainly seems to agree with this proselytized Mayan-like alien invasion related to strange UFOs encircling the sun. In his UFO Sightings Daily website he stated something to this effect: “If you compare the size of the UFOs and the number, there seems to be a large increase in both...and with Dec 21, 2012 approaching, it makes me wonder what they are doing to the sun.”

It is important to note that December 21, 2012 is the Mayan doomsday date when all the world as we know it, is expected to end.


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