Ottawa Writers Get Book Self-Publishing Boost


What was once termed as “Vanity Press” as defined elaborately by the phrase apprehended the idea that self-published authors were the ones that were not worthy enough to seize a valid publishing contract. Not only was finding a publisher quite a job, writers were also required to pay handsome amounts to get their book printed. Self-publishing has however excelled by leaps and bounds with the initiation of e-books and quite a few writers have seen great success with their best sellers.

One example of a successful e-book author is Alan Sepinwall. His self published book, “The Revolution Was Televised”, was a huge success and just after two weeks of its publishing The New York Times marked a positive review regarding the book. There is no doubt on the effectiveness of self publishing on the net today and many success stories and big named can be found that accomplished their publishing goals due to this method, however, there are many aspects thriving writers require to look into.

A good news for Ottawa writers is that is providing all necessary opportunities and guidance for aspiring service providers and authors in Ottawa, through Meet-Ups in Bistros and Cafes to provide free consultation regarding transforming your manuscript into bestseller material.

Nowadays getting your book published has become as easy as ever and you can easily find an online service to get your book published, however once you are at it, you will realize that it is not as easy as it seems. There are several formatting, editing and other issues that are to be corrected and sought out before you can finally get your written material published.

AgoraPublishing is sponsoring Meet-ups which address all issues related to the manuscript including information related to self publishing of a book, getting a book printed and getting it out in the stores and making it available online, helping authors seek out typesetting or layout services, along with all other services that require a manuscript to take the form of a completed ready to publish books. Not only does AgoraPublishing provide meeting services, they also cater potential writers online through live Skype video chats to conduct information sessions.

Nowadays self-publishing is the easiest way to go about a book, but not everyone is capable of handling the entire job alone. AgoraPublishing understands the complications writers face and attempts to provide a fair chance to all through lending out a helping hand. AgoraPublishing holds weekly meetings addressing different issues related to the completion and publishing of a book and also asks for suggestions related to any matter that an individual may be facing.

All Ottawa writers can take benefit of the offer and avail the opportunity. is offering through finding the answer to all their questions in the sponsored meet-up sessions and transform the dream of publishing your book into reality.


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Self-publishing has so much to do with the cover that outsourcing a graphic designer is often suggested which is a pricey investment in a title that has the likelihood to fail side-by-side major publishing companies.
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