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UFO: Alien-like craft flies over Alberta

An Alberta man travelling on Highway 8 about 2 miles from Highway 22 near Bragg Creek witnessed a UFO in the skies overhead on 19 December 2012 at 10:25 pm.  His report was posted the follow day on the Alberta UFO Study Group’s website.


He described “a craft with four large lights on the bottom, flying very fast, very erratically and very precisely.”  This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but then UFOs by their very nature do not follow normal rules.

The witness continued, “The lights looked like LED. Very crisp lights.Blue, red and white. Blue was dominant.”  He estimated that the craft was about 400 yards away, at times as close as 200 yards. “I was driving a 4 runner truck and I reckon the spacecraft was about four times its length.  The UFO was all over the place.  For a time it would cruise close to the ground like it was looking for something. Then it would move half-way across the field, zip straight up or off to one side.”


The witness was amazed at its speed. “It maneuvered and accelerated at rates that a human could not survive, let alone control. Quite a few people saw it and I'm kicking myself for not filming it with my cameraphone. I was too mesmerized to think properly.”


Nevertheless, AUFOSG is very grateful to have received his report.


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