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UFO forms demonic pattern over Edmonton, Alberta

The skies over Alberta were lit this year, not with one star signifying the birth of Jesus, but four red pulsating lights.  First seen around 8:30 on December 24th in the Edmonton area, the same lights were then seen over Calgary on Christmas Day.  Both events were reported to Jim Moroney who manages the Alberta UFO Study Group website.  Moroney has over 25 years of experience in UFO research, and in his spare time he is the full-time Executive Director for the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association.

When Moroney received an eye-witness report which stated, “I looked up and saw four red pulsating lights in a triangular formation” he immediately thought of the known Archontic triangular pattern.  Archons are believed to be a race of aliens which closely resemble humans, but whose motives are quite sinister.

The witness continued, “One of the lights shot straight up, then took a hard left turn.  After that it was just hovering like before. The other three faded away for a while and then reappeared on the horizon. Slowly they rose to about 50 degrees above the horizon (the same angle as in Calgary).  Finally, after about a five minute period all four lights disappeared, one at a time.  That was it.


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