Happy New Year overwhelms predicted gloom

The short and sweet "Happy New Year" greeting does wonders as the prayers, sincere wish of happiness and prosperity give rise to optimistic eventualities. Millions around the world look forward to the exciting moment of New Year’s Eve to shower boisterous kisses, hugs and everything else making the moment exhilarating and memorable. People celebrate all that is planned for the night lasting till late in the morning which continues almost for the whole of New Year’s Day.

There are many out there who disagree, perhaps pessimism taking the toll, and argue that people, on the contrary, should mourn and sympathise with each other as everyone present on the day is a loser by one full year and closer to the grave. Whatever the New Year has in store can only be an assumption or hypothesis but the year gone by has the list of feats and failures fresh in the minds to contemplate, reflect and ponder.

The period beginning four Sundays before Christmas is observed in commemoration of the Second Coming of Christ into the world. The belief that Jesus is visiting us again is shared by Christians and Muslims alike. Though the two great religions differ on the purpose of this second visit especially when Muslims believe that before the world comes to an end; Jesus has to stage a comeback to defeat the forces of evil, restore order and free the world from mischief and chaos. On the contrary, Christian Bible talks of parousia (arrival) of Jesus to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom having no end. The fact remains that more than half of world’s population is content awaiting the time till Jesus makes an appearance.

Looking back at the events of 2012, the recent countdown warning of Mayan calendar changed many people’s lives like preponed marriages, divorces and anything that people could think of before the advent of predicted day as the last living day on our planet. The new calculations revealed that the day pertains to 2019 and not 2012 giving new hope and a grace period to people who by conviction believe that the day is not far. So the ´day´ passed peacefully like many times before such predictions made either through premonitions, whims or claimed spiritual attainment.

UK’s gloomy economic forecasts and intended bye-bye to the European Union in 2013; a matter of concern for the economists had predicted that recession based on the improvement shown by survey and consumer confidence had exited. Under the circumstances analysts forecast, CNBC reports (December 21, 2012), that 2013 will be similar to 2012.

Indian magical economic boom, as reported, is slowing down and the country’s rape figures surpass all previous records on international level creating chaos and turmoil. It is maintained that thousands of mushroomed sanctified Gynaecology clinics running up and down the country facilitate aborting millions of foetuses when the magical scan reveals that the new-born is a female. The dwindling number of women giving rise to perpetual gang- rapes and other unnatural sexual orgies has still not wrung any alarm bells.

Pakistan, reported by its media, is heading for a big political change as political outfits by all means necessary, cling to the power through corruption and manipulation of innocent poor voters and terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, and feudal control on economy are termed as a menace to the very fabric of Pakistan’s political system. It is widely believed that Pakistan, for its survival, needs drastic measures backed by real democracy and involvement of all stake holders. An average Pakistani patriot looks up in the skies expecting a miracle to happen. Many believe that 1st quarter of 2013 is vitally important for Pakistan’s political future.

USA’s "characteristically bright young men" (CNN reports) targeting school children seem to have gained momentum. Though every time an effort is made to find the root cause for such carnage; individuals involved each time are reported to be "gun men" and not terrorists. On the contrary, twice Olympic world champion Mo Farah of Somali origin, on suspicion could suitably be a terrorist for US custom officials (Eurosport UK December 30, 2012). The US Senate is working on a compromise to prevent the country from going over the fiscal cliff; the sweeping spending cuts and tax increases is something that the New Year has in stock for Americans.

As reported the international economy figures do not bode well for the New Year and predicted scenario is not projected as very healthy. The prices of commodities spiraling on daily basis; the cost management of utility services unbearable and the economic nosedive narrative internationally worsens the situation indicating no sign of reprieve for per capita income increase in foreseeable future.

So much is happening in the world like man touching the horizon controlling air, land and sea, acquiring knowledge in a bid to conquer forces of nature and even expending huge resources and energy to defeat God’s celestial angel of death. Out of the billions of species around, human being having a uniquely special status has inventions, discoveries and new thoughts giving rise to innovations, to his credit. No other specie has this privilege and that is why humans are so challenging with wonder-stricken technological advancement and resilience to make them into a force to reckon with.

But the extravagant spending to fight wars for control on world’s energy resources is perceived by fearful knowledgeable as very risky and attribute all this to uncertainty and insecurity which certainly ,as argued, at some stage will lead to turmoil, unrest and a threat to the very existence of our planet.