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Two UFOs orbit International Space Station

The International Space Station’s external camera frequently captures images of unidentified objects hovering in the vicinity. Scott C. Waring of UFOsightingsdaily.com makes a habit of scouring images from the ISS cameras, and posted images on his website of a  January 1, 2013 sighting.


In Waring’s words, “This weekend the International Space Station had its weekly visit by aliens. This time the orb was accompanied by a long UFO that looks like a disk.”  According to Waring seeing orbs is a common occurrence, but the disk-shaped UFO is a rare event.  Given the frequency of these sightings, Waring wonders why NASA never talks about the hundreds of videos that have recorded UFOs nearby.
“Well there are several reasons,” Waring explains. “First, America and Russia (both on ISS) do not wish to alert the Asian countries to the fact that aliens are real.” The danger of letting other countries know that aliens exist seems to be that those countries may then enter into alliances with the aliens. If the alliances included an exchange of advanced technology in return for earthly resources, the country in question could become immensely powerful.
Waring cites Brazil as an example.  What if the aliens were so taken by Brazilian coffee that they offered spaceship knowhow for beans.  That could make Brazil the new world power. Or Singapore, or Uganda, or China.



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