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Extraterrestrial walks on Taiwan's Newscast

Forget the Yeti.  Forget Bigfoot.  Taiwan has an 8’ alien and photos on TV to prove it.  Residents of Taitung took photos of the alien back in May, near Jiaming Lake. Only this week have the photographs become public.  Taiwan is unusual in that it has a publicly funded agency, TUFOS, which studies aliens and “has more experts with doctorate degrees than Obama has in his cabinet.”  This last comes from Scott C. Waring, an ex-patriot UFOlogist who owns and operates an ESL School in Taiwan.

Waring posted images of the alien, which is described as having the head of a praying mantis and webbed hands, on his website UFOsightingsdaily.com, along with footage from Taiwanese news.  The PhD experts at TUFOS are agreed that the images are genuine and put the creatures height at 2.5 metres or 8.2 feet.

The locals of Taitung, meanwhile, are pointing to two geographical features in the area as likely being linked to the alien.  They are saying that they believe the small round lakes (of which Jiaming Lake is one) to be the entrance to an underground alien base. According to Waring, they also believe that a large dirt mound nearby is possibly an ancient pyramid. Could this be acting as a communications device for the aliens?


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