NASA research explores Extraterrestrial invasion


Are Earthbound humans being prepared for a violent and contrived conflict with Hollywood engineered "Extraterrestrial entities", as David Icke and other expolitics researchers [video above]

suggests? Why does official scenario of alien contact limit itself to either aliens taking over humans or humans being "victorious" against aliens in a "War of the Worlds" movie like scenario?


In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and NASA and published in the academic journal Acta Astronautica (“Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis“), scientists now say that intelligent beings from other planetary systems could reach Earth to destroy humanity "in order to make the galaxy a better place to live" and protect other civilizations from the destructive fury of man.


But why would destroy us?

If we take into account the climate change that humans are causing the planet, environmental degradation, violence and wars, we realize that humanity is characterized as a civilization out of control. The "extraterrestrials" may consider man as a threat to the galaxy and could consider the possibility to deal a pre-emptive strike on our planet and for all of us to play the alarm. But this is only a hypothesis. The researchers say that the aliens could also consider the possibility to enslave humanity, or use it as food!


Other possible scenarios

The team of scientists with a broad range of situations theoretically possible to help humanity to choose the most effective communication techniques to use with visitors from outer space. The report was developed to prepare the ground for a confrontation with another civilization.


The report states: "Just as we did with humans less evolved, so evtraterrestri could do with us killing us, schiavizzandoci, sezionandoci, use us as museum specimens or use our body for medical research."




But the report does not abandon us only prospects bleak and apocalyptic. Scientists (their goodness) suggest other situations more optimistic. A variant alternative is the MILITARISTIC "victory" of human civilization against the invaders. This would allow humanity to come into possession of extraterrestrial technologies to be used for their own use.


A further variant is the possibility that extraterrestrials want to spontaneously share their knowledge with humanity and help us solve age-old problems such as hunger, poverty and disease.


But when this might happen?

Anything could happen in the next 20 years: "Humanity is entering a period in which its rapid expansion could be detected by an extraterrestrial intelligence. The composition of Earth's atmosphere due to greenhouse gas emissions could be the signature of our presence in the galaxy.

But that aspect may have visitors galactic?

According to Andrei Finkelstein, director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the aliens will be similar to humans. Most likely the aliens will have a head, two arms and two legs, while the color of their skin may be different.

It looks like a Hollywood movie


All of these scenarios are very reminiscent of a film released in theaters all over the world a few years ago starring Keanu Reeves: The Day the Earth Stood Still. In this charming remake of a film of the '60s, the American actor plays the character of Klaatu, an alien on the planet to save the earth by man.

Its mission is to destroy humanity. At the end of the movie (sorry reveal the ending for those who have not yet seen) the alien is moved with compassion and decided to give another chance to the human race. And this is what we hope will happen in real life, we hope that these aliens as well as having the head, arms and legs also have a heart. Unlikely does not mean impossible!

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