UFO: Bronze Alien Disc scares Red Deer, Alberta witness


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What did a Red Deer, Alberta witness and report to the Alberta UFO Study Group of having seen near a gas station in Devon, Alberta at 2 pm on 23 January 2013?

I was driving my niece to my house in Red Deer and we had pulled off at this gas station for a rest stop. We returned from the restroom and sat on the hood of my car to watch the planes in the distance take-off and land from Edmonton Airport. I got a very strange feeling like something like someone was watching us, only it was from above and I looked up quickly. I saw a bronze disk about 100ft up. The centre did not spin but the outer edges did. It seem to get louder as I looked up...like I could here the disk spin. I guessed it must be about 10 or 12 feet across and it scared me. I ordered my niece in to the car immediately and got the hell out of there...had such a bad feeling around me all of a sudden. I drove off and did not stop until Red Deer but think of it often.

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