Plus-Sized Swimwear - Fatkini becomes the rage


One thing I really like about our time is that the possibilities are endless. There is only one more way to do things, whether it's our career, our lifestyle, our family, whatever. The choice is perhaps more scary because we always afraid of not doing the right thing, but it is infinitely more awesome than not being able to do anything. Ok, my intro is a bit long, but my point was that it's the same for fashion, which is more accessible and diverse today, it is not because we have 40 years we should dress in old-and it's not because we're big we must dress in fat. And as my big, I'm glad about that.


Nowadays you buy a super fab 'fatkini. We ship throughout the debate not to be seen whether more should have the right-sized stripping their belly, simply because it is a non-issue. This is PASSSS debate.


It only affects you, that chubby cutie magazine a jersey, worse you will do what you want with it. The good news here is that if you try it, you can! Wee! I do not know about you but me to, I like it very much.


The cuts are flattering look rather comf and are retro-inspired as many jerseys in recent years. Sizes can be high, which is cool if you do not want us to see your navel, but they are also foldable as yoga pants, and high are able to handler a generous pair of girls. Also: OMG printed space.


The collection was designated Special by swimsuitsforall in collaboration with the awesome blogger Gabi Gregg Blog GabiFresh and inspired by this post it.


The jerseys will be on sale May 15, but by then, you can go see the slideshow on the site Refinery29 and dreaming of long summer days you grill the stomach by drinking sugary drinks.


I know I will!


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