Chinese products should be avoided


The worst thing in the world is to believe that you are eating healthy foods, and then years later get cancer or some other life ending, or at best case scenario debilitating, disease. People who buy food labelled "organic" tend to desire to eat food that is believed to be healthy. However, is the food actually good for you? The answer in most cases is yes, but in the case of China the answer is no.

Children are born in China on a regular basis with defects and deformities for the same reason that the organic food that comes from there must be avoided at all cost. It is the extremely polluted environment that is causing the problems. In order to be labeled as organic, the farmer must have clean soil and he must not add chemicals to his crop. In an environment without pollution, this standard works just fine. In an environment with extreme amounts of pollution, especially if it is the water supply used to water the crop, the food will have whatever toxic chemicals are available in the pollutant.

China is specifically a country of insane amounts of pollution in their water supply. Mercury is one of the many toxic chemicals that can be easily found at dangerous levels in China’s water supply. It is perfectly fine by China’s legal standard for someone to dispose of toxic waste into a nearby creek, lake, river, or at the coast. The water has so many dangerous toxins that, according to certain sources, the water has even ignited into flames on occasion. All of the fish in the ocean adjacent to China are dying off in massive numbers as well. There can be no doubt that the waters of China are too dirty to drink from.

However, this is the same water that is used to water their crops that, allegedly, are supposed to be organic. Mike Adams wrote a breathtaking article on this very subject. Mike’s position on the overall corruption of the Chinese people is disagreeable; however he is correct about the level of corruption in the government and in industry. In legal requirements to clear the problem up is easily avoided through bribery by major business owners who are out to make a profit.

American business owners are no better either. For the possibility to make a profit they will overlook the situation in China, and buy their foods simply because they are cheaper and the profit margin is almost four times greater. Money will drive almost anyone to do insane things, and especially when we are talking about billions of dollars. An example of the type of insanity that some people go to for profit (and this example is also quoted by Mike in his article about China) is like one business owner who had white seeds (seed type: sesame), and they were converted into black seeds with ink. Ink is obviously poisonous when ingested.

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