UFO: Triangle spacecraft flies over Cornwall, Ontario


8-10 lights streaking across the sky making no noise


What did couple report to the MUFON database as taking place at 12 midnight on 13 July 2013?


My wife and I were sitting outside having a small fire, I was gazing up attune stars which I like to do. All of a sudden I noticed a very faint object, extremely high in the sky.


I could only make out a triangular shape of lights.


The object was moving extremely fast and made no noise. None of the lights were blinking and object seemed extremely high in the air.


The object also appeared to be extremely large.


I didn't know what to make of it but I know it was to fast to be an airplane and to large to be a satellite.


The object was moving east to west, and when I first saw it, I told my wife to look up and check this out. She can also say that there's no way that the object was an aircraft.i got extremely excited when I noticed it because I believe we are not alone and anything from space fascinates me.


The object moved from east to west and only lasted 10 seconds at the most. Object seemed to be flying in an eastern direction , not up.

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