CMS: Customized alternative to WordPress better for bloggers


WordPress has been popular with bloggers for a long time. The free Content Management System has become saturated with 70 million plus users. These days, many bloggers and webmasters have been looking for WordPress alternatives as they have found quite a few issues with the service.

The group offers a reliable alternative to WordPress and this alternative is better for bloggers.

WordPress can be very vulnerable as it is susceptible to cyber attacks. The people who create websites and blogs with the help of WordPress can be the victim of hacking attacks at times. Another disadvantage of WordPress is that, bloggers and webmasters need to constantly keep updating their sites.

The bloggers also need to use a variety of tools to keep the design of their websites up-to-date. They end up spending a lot of money in this process. WordPress can also lead to issues with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site. The bloggers can lose a lot of web traffic if there is any issue with SEO of the site. There is no surprise that bloggers look for alternatives to WordPress these days. provides an alternative to WordPress content management systems (CMS). This CMS has customized to meet the needs of online newspapers and other websites or blogs. The Agora group is now offering the same CMS to bloggers, online newspaper owners and webmasters who are looking for an alternative to WordPress. provides an example of the Agora CMS as far as functionality.  If you like what you see, then contact for more information.

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