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Is our planet mysteriously outlandish?

Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known? (Charles de Lint)

Mysteries have always been part of human life. In the past mysteries due to lack of knowledge have been misunderstood and convoluted to become part of myths and beliefs. Due to highly developed scientific and technological erudition the mysteries of nature or manmade are now assessed on the basis of using logic and rationale. The superiority the human brain acquired through knowledge gives it the power to accept or reject a certain experienced phenomena. Yahoo news (August 01, 2013) reports that the shocking image of a prank photo by a fisherman was condemned and rejected by conservationists as ´hideous and disgusting´. A century back the prank could have been believed and linked with the story of Prophet Jonah.

Dr Gareth Fraser of Sheffield University claimed that humans could develop beaks as the due process will see teeth fused together to form a beak. He also surmised that a beak is going to be more ´robust and practical´. However, Fraser’s claim is brushed aside as a figment of imagination having no substantive proof and deemed logically unacceptable.

As reported by Daily Telegraph, a burial ground of vampires was found in Poland claimed by archaeologists that they found vampire grave on a construction site in the south of Poland. It is also stated that skeletons were found with their heads removed and placed on their legs, indicating they had been subjected to an execution ritual designed to ensure the dead were really dead. It is further said that an individual accused of being a vampire in Europe’s distant past faced an uncertain fate. Sometimes, such people are "decapitated or hanged from a gibbet until decomposition". The remains, as claimed, were found on the construction site near the town of Gliwice. Jacek Pierzak, an archaeologist on the site said the skeletons were found with no jewellery or anything that would help in acquiring more information. Bram Stoker’s classic Count Dracula image of a blood sucking vampire would be an exaggeration to compare with the story enveloped in skeletons excavated.

A python, named by its owner as Julius, is claimed to have learnt to open doors and door knobs giving a chilling effect that ´you are not safe anywhere´. Learning of the trick by pythons is imaginatively possible and believable but various other mind boggling tales about snakes and pythons that out of ignorance or disinformation are fabricated but are widely believed to be true. The traditional superstition of worshipping snakes by Hindus in India and the belief that snakes drink milk has mythological connotations and interpretations as it is known that snakes are reptiles and do not give or take milk or use it as food. The belief that snakes drink milk stems from the fact that farmers in India were helped by snakes to get rid of rats damaging the crops and giving snakes a holy status saved snakes from the wrath or killing by common people mainly out of fear.

As reported in the media that a large meteor hit and burned out the atmosphere over Russia as such natural disaster could mean end of the world. Researchers claim that a huge meteor hit the world 2.5 million years ago presuming that it could have generated a massive Tsunami plunging the world into the Ice Ages. The claim that, two kilometres across Eltanin meteor crashed into Pacific Rim to destabilise climatic system but then an acknowledgement that it must have been forgotten because there is "no obvious giant crater to investigate".

Talking about asteroids referred to in the past as deadly and as stated, the ability to protect our planet from such disaster is currently non-existent. But the information gathered at NASA that about 95% asteroids are said to be larger than a kilometre. The report also refers to the devastation caused by smaller asteroids in Russia where shockwaves generated by an 18-meter meteorite caused more than 1,000 injuries.

While drawing a comparison between meteorites and asteroids causing the potential damage to earth and as observed, meteors strike the earth every day by the thousands as most of them are the size of a grain of rice or even smaller and it is fairly rare for something to cause any damage; asteroids are thought to be rare and much bigger in size than a meteor. It is claimed that 14,000 years ago something slammed into northern Canada which, some scientists believe, killed overwhelmingly resulting also in mini-ice age. "The most famous asteroid, as believed, strike was the one 65 million years ago that killed off the dinosaurs and 75% of all life on Earth.” So a meteor impact is more likely, but an asteroid would be far more dangerous, just because of the number of people who would be affected.

A strange attack in a subway running train in China culminated in a bizarre situation as a young man refused to give up his seat to a 65 year old man and in a fit of frenzy the old man pounced on him and started chewing his body parts. Some other passenger witnessing the gory detail caught everything on his video and let the whole world watch it on YouTube. In another incident, on a Sunday afternoon in South Florida two men were seen scuffling as one of them mother naked was seen chewing the flesh from the face of other man. The victim is said to be in critical condition.

Oakland based soothsayer, Harold Camping, twice predicted that the world is coming to an end and maintained that “at this point, looks like it will be the final end of everything. But taking a somersault he said “I am beginning to think as I restudied these matters that there’s going to be no big display of any kind and further said that apocalypse prophecy is nonsense.”

In the modern day scientific world when we see outstanding feats in the fields of science and technology performed with a speed; we have millions out there who because of their firm beliefs are keen to understand the mysteries surrounded by intricate phenomenon, which sometimes cannot be explained. Mysteries unfolded are a source of fascination making individuals to assimilate and internalize certain natural occurrences and to undergo a spiritual conversion by which one gains faith in God or allows some to understand the mysteries of the universe as per the capacity and capability acquired through knowledge, experience and learning.


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