U.S. agency drops protective barriers on the Internet


The NSA, National Security Agency of the USA, can corrupt part of the digital protection of global trade and banking systems, as well as protections automatic emails, web searches, internet chats and phone calls of Americans and citizens around the world, says a report published on Thursday (5) by "the New York Times."

The American Journal claims to have had access to the new documents released by Edward Snowden. The scheme unveiled by former CIA employee (U.S. intelligence agency) shows that many programs have allowed the NSA research data and content of conversations between millions of people around the world - even the president Dilma Rousseff would have been the target of monitoring the NSA, which caused a diplomatic crisis between the countries.

The allegations were first published in June this year, the British newspaper "Guardian" and American "Washington Post". Wanted by the U.S. since Snowden received asylum in August of the Russian government.

According to the "Times," the NSA can corrupt the encryption that protects data and provides privacy on the Internet, using supercomputers, technical tricks, court orders and persuasion backstage.

The agency treats its recent successes in deciphering data protected as confidential information on the internet, since, according to the newspaper, the NSA wants to keep the belief of internet users that their data is safe from the government.

In 2000, a few years after losing a public battle to enter a kind of gateway for all information security systems used on the Internet, the NSA has decided to invest billions of dollars in eavesdropping.

This investment included supercomputers and collaboration with technology companies in the U.S. and other countries to build gateways that the NSA could access. The newspaper, citing interviews with industry insiders and other documents, the papers do not make clear which companies were contracted.

The newspaper also claims that the NSA illegally entered specific computers to create access points before they were protected and used his influence as one of the greatest creators of codes (their specialty since its creation in 1952) to insert weaknesses in systems security that will become the standard used by hardware and software developers worldwide.

The documents cited by the "Times" also indicate that the NSA has worked several times together with British analysts. According to a 2010 memo obtained by the newspaper, the Central Communications British Government was informed about the efforts of the U.S. agency and that "vast amounts of information on the internet that were previously discarded can now be explored."

Another document quoted by a budget document U.S. intelligence indicates that the NSA's campaign to break the protection of the internet continues to this day.

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