Senate scandal among top concerns for Canadians -- Survey


A recent Nanos Research survey conducted in mid-August sampled 1000 Canadian households and asked them to rank national issues of importance to them. Not surprising, jobs/economy held steady as the number one concern for Canadians.


Perhaps more surprising were the issues that one in five Canadians found to be their most pressing national concerns. Corruption and the Senate scandal were ranked at the top of many Canadian’s list of national issues, beating out old standards such as health care, environment, education and national debt. 


These findings are significant, especially when referring to Stephen Harper’s 2006 election platform which had a focus on, among other things, transparency and accountability. Now it seems many Canadians are not forgetting about the Senate scandal and corruption allegations as easily as Stephen Harper and the Conservatives may have hoped.


Flash forward seven years, and the realization of the broken promises from the 2006 Conservative election platform is being recognized by many Canadians, leaving room for members of the opposition to capitalize on these broken promises.


With Justin Trudeau’s recent admission that he had previously smoked marijuana, Canadians responded by appreciating the honesty. Whereas many of Trudeau’s political rivals may have hoped for his honesty to be nothing short of political suicide, instead the confession saw many Canadians either reacting with apathy, or in fact admiring a politician for his honesty.


The same Nanos Research survey revealed the Conservatives currently have thirty percent support, which puts them behind the Liberals, but ahead of the NDP, who each have thirty-six percent, and twenty-five percent respectively.


The current conservative support figures are the lowest they have been since before the 2006 election, Nanos Research determined.  Whether or not Conservative support has dropped solely because of the Senate corruption scandal remains to be seen, however it certainly has been a factor.


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