WordPress: Online Newspaper Designers get alternative

Are you seeking to develop an online newspaper?  Are you also looking for an alternative to WordPress?  AgoraPublishing.com provides an alternative to WordPress content management systems (CMS).

Online newspapers require additional customization and features to handle the dynamic nature of their business. They need to update the content of their website on a frequent basis. Besides, they also need to upload videos, images and audio clippings to support their news articles and stories. This is why, online newspapers need a CMS solution which is customized to meet the needs of their business.

AgoraPublishing.com now provides aspiring online newspaper creators with a user-friendly alternative to WordPress. You can now get a Content Management System (CMS) similar to the one used by this newspaper - The Canadian.

With the help of the CMS provided by the Agora Group, online newspapers will find it easier to manage, update and edit data and all other information in their websites. They will also benefit from the additional security available with the CMS. They will find the CMS very flexible and it will meet the needs of their business. This CMS has been featured on many sites and has generated a lot of curiosity among the users. 

For more information, please contact AgoraPublishing.com.


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